Which is the Best? Wall-mount VS Tabletop Makeup LED Mirror

Which is the Best? Wall-mount VS Tabletop Makeup LED Mirror - Luxfurni

There are few simpler joys in life than pampering yourself one of the best lighted makeup mirrors while getting ready in the morning—except for maybe bacon, eggs and coffee. Surely, you can always apply makeup using the selfie camera of your phone, but who wants to squint for 15 minutes every day?

Nowadays, there are endless options for anyone of you looking for the best makeup mirror with lights- complete with all the bells and whistles. Whether you’re looking for a tabletop vanity mirror with grand lighting or one that you can mount to the wall with 10X magnification (useful when applying lashes and eyeliner), you don’t need to be a pro to have one. But what is really the best lighted makeup mirror? Is it the tabletop or the wall-mount?

Let us first talk about the advantages and disadvantages of owning one and you be the judge.

Wall-mounted Lighted Makeup Mirrors

Wall-mounted lighted makeup mirrors are fast gaining traction on the makeup industry. It has become a popular choice for women who want a more streamlined look while honing their makeup skills. But what is it really with wall-mounted makeup mirrors?

The pros of a wall-mounted lighted makeup mirror.

  • Perfect for limited spaces
  • Elegant wall accent
  • Customize the height according to your needs
  • More space on your tabletop
Tabletop light mirror

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The cons of a wall-mounted lighted makeup mirror.

  • Poking holes in your walls
  • It is no longer adjustable unless you unscrew it
  • You will still need a makeup table eventually for convenience
  • You can apply makeup while standing up !

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Tabletop Makeup Mirror with Lights

There is no denying that having your own makeup mirror with a makeup table is every woman’s dream. The thought of applying makeup and having everything you need right in front of you really makes everything so exciting. But what is having a tabletop makeup mirror with lights really all that?

The LUXFURNI Starry 10 tabletop makeup mirror with lights. Available on AMAZON

Here are the facts we gathered.

The pros of a tabletop makeup mirror with lights

  • Allows you to move the mirror closer to your face when applying makeup
  • Allows you to transfer it from one location to another
  • Means you have a makeup table to organize your cosmetics · No need to drill holes into your walls

    The cons of a tabletop makeup mirror with lights

    • Be ready to shed extra cash to purchase a table and a chair to complete your vanity area
    • You will need more space to put it all together

    So which do you think is better? Are you down for a tabletop or a wall-mount lighted makeup mirror? Whatever you decide on, having your own makeup mirror with lights in your bedroom simply wonders to your makeup routine.

    Here are a few tips

    1. Never buy a makeup mirror if you do not know where to put it.
    2. Size is everything- get a measuring tape and draw a line to the wall you plan to mount to. 
    3. Make sure that it is eye level.
    4. Consider the height of the table and chair you are using. This can lead to a lot of back problems.
    5. Make sure to have an electrical outlet nearby to plug your mirror to.
    6. Always make room for a chair and table regardless of what you choose.
    7. Repurpose old tables and chairs to cut cost.
    8. Make sure to clean the glass mirror after every application.

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