About Luxfurni

It wasn’t so long ago when women use to hang their necklaces in their cabinet hooks and place their pearl earrings in wooden boxes and trays. It was the time when putting makeup meant that one had to go to the bathroom to get a clearer view of things. Remembering where you place that pair of vintage statement earrings you purchased in a flea market with friends was such a hassle.

LUXFURNI, the finest jewelry cabinet maker was born out of this idea that every woman is special. Capturing the beauty of women empowered us to create this alluring jewelry cabinet. As an inspiration, we took into consideration a busy woman’s schedule. What she does every day and what she goes through is very important to us. Just like a piece of necklace and a pair of earrings she buys, it must be well kept like an investment.

Our ergonomic design allows us to fully utilize each aspect of the jewelry cabinet by combining form and functionality. We took it upon ourselves to think what women really want and need in their day-to-day grind. We designed each product with a philosophy of making things easy and simple for women. That all accessories and jewelries are important to us just like they were meant to be.

Why We Design Jewelry Cabinet?

For many years Luxfurni have been searching for ways on how to organize our jewelries and accessories but nothing seemed to work. One day, a friend of ours recommended to us a book about organizing written by a Japanese professional organizer and author, Marie Kondo. We read the book from cover to cover and one of the many quotes we couldn’t forget was:

This really shook us and made us realize that for us to truly organize our belongings and to be effortlessly consistent in doing , we should first change the way we see and perceive things. We started to organize everything and the results were fantastic. We never thought tidying up can be this rewarding. We were able to acquire good habits along the way.

This transformational process lead us to design the very first jewelry cabinet based on Marie Kondo's concept.

“Clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong. Therefore, storage should reduce the effort needed to put things away, not the effort needed to get them out.”
― Marie Kondo 

Our vision is a storage cabinet with a modern design and should accommodate all the things we love like jewelries and makeup. It has to be something that will showcase and make us return things to where they belong. Organizing should be a fun and easy thing so we want everything in one place.

“When we disperse storage of a particular item throughout the house and tidy one place at a time, we can never grasp the overall volume and therefore can never finish. To escape this negative spiral, tidy by category, not by place.”
-Marie Kondo

Today, everything we have at home brings us so much joy and we want to share this to the world by designing storage cabinets and armoires for LUXFURNI that reflect these principles.

How We Design

Our design philosophy is simple. Form and function are one. We want to design products that celebrate a woman’s life thru form and functionality. We believe a good design is just more than just aesthetics. It has to simplify and elevate the way women do things like organizing their jewelries or putting on makeup.

Many icons continue to influence LUXFURNI’s designs and one of them is Marie Kondo. She embodies our design concept with her philosophy of what speaks to your heart and sparks joy. Her book has inspired us to design jewelry cabinets and armoires that give each item a home.

“The essence of effective storage is this: designate a spot for every last thing you own.”
― Marie Kondo

Designing jewelry organizers and makeup mirrors is serious business for us. We put in a lot of hours into designing them. Our goal is to be the centerpiece of your own personal space that you create at home.

We would love to hear your ideas on how to organize your jewelries and accessories. This brings us so much joy so don’t forget to put that in the comment section below. We have special gifts waiting for you guys.

How We Produce

Our quality assurance officers are involved and focused on the research and grading of supply materials. Our goal is to create products that are sustainable and can withstand the test of time.

Our craftsmen and designers help set the tone and create the company’s time-honored tradition of wood-working without sacrificing modern manufacturing methods.

Our workshop is a state of the art facility. We invested heavily in our layout and plant-machinery. This allows us to fully-customize our tooling setup that carries out our design creativity without limitations.

Here at the LUXFURNI studios, our goal is to empower women by designing and creating jewelry cabinets and makeup mirrors that make them feel special because they deserve it.