Before buying a makeup mirror with lights 3 features you should know

Before buying a makeup mirror with lights 3 features you should know - Luxfurni

Let’s face it- everyone wants to be beautiful whether it’s a job interview, an office presentation or just simply, a night out with friends. Lucky for us, there is an abundance of makeup and skincare products out there that can easily make us look like we woke up that way. There are tons of makeup tutorials in YouTube that we can learn from. Anybody nowadays can be a makeup artist in her own right.

We often forget about the mirrors we are using especially when we are deep in our morning routine. Bronzers, winged eyeliners and multi-colored eye makeup trends are just impossible without the right makeup mirror with lights. Lighted makeup mirrors are now an essential in every woman’s vanity area. Investing in a lighted makeup mirror is the best thing you can ever do to yourself. But what are the things you need to know before buying a makeup mirror with lights? Here are the 3 key features.

Location & Mounting Style

Luxfurni Tabletop Makeup Mirror with Lights making up makes exciting

The LUXFURNI Starry 7 XL Makeup mirror with 18 LED lights. Wall-mounted and tabletop Installation. Also available on AMAZON

There are two mounting styles you can choose from to help you narrow down your best options. Before diving right in, do your homework and planning ahead as to where you are going to put it. Check if the walls are sturdy enough to hold it or if you should get yourself a makeup table as well. Here are two options you can choose from.

Wall-mounted Makeup Mirror with lights

Limited space and purchasing a makeup table can be a tad too costly especially when you are on a working budget. Wall-mounted lighted makeup mirrors are the simple solution to this. If you are one who doesn’t really mind poking some holes in your wall, this mounting option is great for streamlining your vanity area design. Just grab a chair and go.

The LUXFURNI Starry 10 lighted makeup mirror with cosmetic organizer. Available on AMAZON.

Tabletop Makeup Mirror with lights

If you are a true makeup enthusiast, one need not be told that having a table right in front while applying your favorite shade is the greatest convenience of all. Tabletop makeup mirrors are great even with limited space. Trust us, you wouldn’t need a full size table as they can be very slim. The LUXFURNI Starry 10 lighted makeup mirror even comes with a cosmetic organizer that keeps your brushes upright.

Lighting: The more, the merrier

Luxfurni makeup table organizer the more the merrier

All professional makeup artist and beauty gurus agree that when it comes to makeup, lighting is in the forefronts of their craft. One should consider makeup lighting as a skillset that should be part of their daily regimen.

We all know that natural sunlight is the best but if you can’t wait till sunrise, get a lighted makeup mirror with LED’s. Choose one that has at least 10 LED bulbs. Also, there are certain features you need to check before swiping that card.

Brightness Adjustments

Lighting is important and so is the brightness. Applying makeup demands various types of lighting intensity to achieve your desired look. Make sure to choose a lighted makeup mirror with a smart touch technology. What is it? Think about it this way. 4 brightness presets that changes with just a tap of the button.

Color Temperature

Imagine yourself going out for a romantic candlelit dinner with some dramatic eyeshadows and red lipstick. Then imagine yourself going straight to the office without even changing your makeup look. What may look good for certain dimly lit areas may not be as pleasing in some places.

Choose a makeup mirror with lights that has a color temperature function. The most ideal lighting color is 5000K.


The LUXFURNI Starry 7 lighted makeup mirror. Available on AMAZON.

Now that you have decided on what type of makeup mirror to buy, (assuming you have made a decision) it’s time to talk about magnification. You can either get yourself a solo tabletop magnifying mirror or a makeup mirror with an attachment.

Solo Magnifying Mirror

This magnifying mirror does save you a lot on space but it can be a little pricey considering it is a lighted one. The good side is it does come in wall-mounted options or a tabletop one. It also has a very strong magnification if your eyesight is failing you.

Makeup mirror with magnifying mirror attachment

LUXFURNI makeup mirror with lights come with a 10x zoom magnifying mirror that is detachable. It does save you a lot on space and is easy on the pocket. This is very good if you have extra poor vision although the degree of magnification is just a matter of personal preference.

Bonus Tips:

  • Choose a makeup mirror with lights that has at least 10 LED lights
  • Always go for a tabletop makeup mirror if you can make way for it
  • Color temperature is everything
  • Smart touch technology makes everything so easy Visit or check out our selection at AMAZON.