5 Pretty ways to spruce up your vanity area!

5 Pretty ways to spruce up your vanity area! - Luxfurni

Are you tired of looking at your boring vanity area every morning? Do you think it can use a little upgrade? Or is it not getting your creative juices flowing? Sprucing it up with a fresh coat of paint can actually do wonders, but only to a limited degree unless you are prepared to shell out more. But for most of us who are planning a minor upgrade, there are so many things we can do.

Here are 5 pretty way to spruce up your vanity area without breaking the bank.

Vanity Trays with your vanity mirror works wonders

Luxfurni vanity mirror with jewelry storage works wonders with trays

Using a pretty tray is the best way to organize your cosmetic bottles and other skin care products. Use it to group together similar looking bottles and the most frequently used ones. Get extra points for color-coordination!

Look organized and keep them upright with brush holders

Luxfurni vanity mirror with jewelry organizer suggest to keep the brush holders upright

While makeup gets all the glory, it’s the tools that help achieve those flawless looks that get the least amount of love. Makeup artists and dermatologists say that in an ideal world, makeup brushes should be cleaned after every use, but we know most of us don’t have time for that! Realistically, giving your brushes and sponges a good clean once a week is a good rule of thumb. Simply put, having a brush holder to keep them upright prevents bacteria from getting into your face while creating a more organized and defined vanity area.

Makeup Organizer that makes everything look pretty

Luxfurni vanity mirror makeup organizer makes everything look pretty

Applying makeup with all the clutter right in front of you can easily distract you from what you are doing. Having a makeup organizer to help you put things in its proper place makes it all fun. Also, having a makeup organizer in your vanity area allows you to appreciate what you have as it adds aesthetic value to your space. Go ahead, try it!

LED Lighting for a more professional look

Luxfurni LED mirror jewelry cabinet Lighting resembles more professional-looking

Applying makeup on with your every dependable fluorescent bulbs is not really a problem so as long as you are not heavily invested in your craft. But if you are looking for ways to spruce up your vanity area, it might sound like a better idea to give LED lights a second look. Maybe try putting on your favorite shade and see the difference for yourself. Also, round LED bulbs add a dash of flair and sophistication that no other fluorescent light can. So if you are planning to upgrade your vanity area, you might want to go shopping for this first.

Vanity makeup mirror with lights- the ultimate centerpiece

Luxfurni Vanity makeup mirror with lights is the ultimate centerpiece

The LUXFURNI Starry 10 Vanity Mirror with 12 LED lights and cosmetic organizer

If all these is too much for you, you might want to skip the nitty-gritty and head straight to the solution. The LUXFURNI Starry 10 has all the makings of a fine-tuned Hollywood makeup mirror. Edge to edge mirror design provide you with an unobstructed view of your face and chest area. 12 LED lights with a 95+ CRI rating certainly gives your vanity area a touch of modernity while providing you with precise color temperature options. And if clutter is an issue for you, it also comes with 9 brush holders and a cosmetic organizer to make you look like you are a pro. Cool right?

So these are 5 pretty ways you can spruce up your vanity area. What is your favorite way? Tell us on the comments section below! See you!

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