Top 4 Reasons why LUXFURNI Jewelry Cabinet are the best in the world

Top 4 Reasons why LUXFURNI Jewelry Cabinet are the best in the world - Luxfurni

Makeup, pieces of jewelry and accessories are no longer occasional pieces but an everyday necessity. Styles change so rapidly that it is almost impossible to keep up with it. There seems to be a piece of jewelry for just about every occasion. Think fun in the sun and beach earring hoops are in the way. Sipping margaritas with friends would require you to pair a cocktail ring with a black dress. And before we forget, there seems to be every lipstick color to go with your ensemble. All these actually add up and before you know it, you have a stockpile of accessories. Perhaps this is the reason why LUXFURNI jewelry cabinets are becoming the most coveted pieces in every woman’s bedroom today. But what makes LUXFURNI so special?

If you are the market for a great jewelry armoire or just a full-length mirror, here are the top 4 reason why LUXFURNI jewelry cabinets are the best in the world.

Space-saving Jewelry Organizers

LUXFURNI STELLA 8 is the best Space-saving Jewelry Organizers

As women’s needs evolve, so is the need for space. Most clutter issues stem from the lack of space around us. Having too many pieces of furniture and cabinets can be more of a curse than a blessing as it eats up most of our precious space. Organizing can be less difficult with space-saving furniture. Most experts recommend to choose a multi-purpose one to make the most out of the limited space we have. Organize your pieces of jewelry and makeup all in one place with the LUXFURNI Stella 8 Jewelry Organizer Classic Design Wall Mount Lockable Organizer With interior LED light bar. Enjoy a clear and unobstructed view from head to foot with its full-length, high contrast glass mirror. Create your own vanity area instantly with its lighted interior mirror and makeup organizers. Revolutionary frame design allows you to showcase just about everything you need. And if you are not convinced, choose from a wall-mount option to a door-hang installation. It is so easy. Organizing with zero space is now possible, anytime, anywhere.

Anti-tarnish Velvet-lined Jewelry Armoires

LUXFURNI best jewelry cabinet maker recommends STELLA 8 Anti-tarnish Velvet-lined Jewelry Armoires

Organizing your hard-earned pieces of jewelry is just one thing but making them last is another. Keeping them sparkling for the years to come is the ultimate goal. LUXFURNI jewelry cabinets are built with these in mind. Each type of jewelry cabinet is lined with an anti-tarnish velvet material to keep your precious baubles scratch-free. LUXFURNI’s premium velvet is moisture- resistant so you will never have to worry about oxidation and tarnish ever again.

LED Lighted Jewelry Cabinets

LUXFURNI best jewelry cabinet maker recommends STELLA 8 LED Lighted Jewelry Cabinets for organizing jewelry and accessories

Organizing is no longer just enough. One must need to look good while doing it and that means makeup. But how do you put on makeup when there isn’t enough light? How can anybody for that matter make way for a vanity area when there is limited space? LUXFURNI jewelry cabinets come in different styles to serve your specific needs. If you are looking for a jewelry cabinet with lights from head to foot, then the LUXFURNI Joyce 6X Jewelry Organizer Free Standing Led Light Bar Around Mirror Armoire With Brush Holder is the perfect one for you. It has full LED strip lights that will definitely leave you breathless. If you are looking for a jewelry armoire with a built-in lighted cosmetic mirror, then look no further. The LUXFURNI Stella 8 is everything you need. 79 LED lights with an interior high contrast glass mirror is sure to impress any makeup enthusiast. It is so bright that it will make each piece of jewelry sparkling all the time. Highlight your face like a pro and apply makeup up close. Organize your makeup with a stain-free cosmetic organizer. This is a jewelry armoire you can’t just pass up on.

Extra- large Jewelry Cabinets

LUXFURNI best jewelry cabinet maker recommends STELLA 8 LED for Extra-large Jewelry Cabinets and an easy travel pouch for organizing on the go

Choosing the right storage for your precious gems can be a little tricky sometimes, especially when you are a first timer. Knowing what you want is the key. Choose a jewelry cabinet that has it all. Space-saving with a large storage capacity. Impossible? Well, the LUXFURNI Stella 8 can do exactly just that. Break free from your everyday tangle and showcase your necklaces and bracelets. Organize your earrings with 130 earring slots. Create your own vanity area instantly with a removable stain-free cosmetic organizer. Organize your cocktail rings and make room for perfume bottles and other cosmetics with 4 display shelves. Keep things private with 4 acrylic storage drawers. It is perfect for your fine pieces of jewelry. Cool right? Well, how about organizing on-the-go with an easy travel pouch? Yes, it’s just the right size to slip inside your handbag.

This rounds up the top 4 reasons why LUXFURNI Jewelry cabinets are the best in the world. So what do you think? Whatever your choice is, we are sure we have something to fit your lifestyle. Visit and check out our collection.