Supermodel Gigi Hadid show us how to layer her necklaces: But how does she keep them from tangling?

Supermodel Gigi Hadid show us how to layer her necklaces: But how does she keep them from tangling? - Luxfurni

We all know her from the catwalk to every fashion magazine in the planet. She was named as the international model of the year in 2016 by the British Fashion Council. She has a twin sister named Bella Hadid who is equally beautiful and famous as her. Layering or stacking necklaces is back and everyone just can’t seem to get enough of it. From playing with contrasting metals to combining different chain lengths, it has become a free for all fashion statement and everyone is welcome to break the rules.

Gigi Hadid has so many jewelry and accessories

Supermodel Gigi Hadid wears a playful combination of necklaces with different lengths made of different materials and precious stones for a rugged and stylish look.

Necklace hooks

Necklace for jewelry organize

If you are a victim of necklace tangles every day, then avoid storing your necklaces in jewelry boxes. Keeping them in tiny boxes is a surefire way of getting them tangled without you knowing it.

Organize them with hooks and make sure to hang them in a place where it is easy for you to find. This is the only way to keep your necklaces tangle-free.

If poking holes into your walls is not your thing, then go for a jewelry cabinet that has it all. Experts recommend **The LUXFURNI Joyce 6x** jewelry cabinet. It has 24 hooks for you to hang all your necklaces.

Joyce 6X has many space for jewelry

The LUXFURNI JOYCE 6X.  Organize your pieces of jewelry with 98 ring holes, 80 earring slots, 24 necklace hooks and 2 elegant storage drawers for you fine jewelry.

Layering and stacking pieces of jewelry has been the most go-to fashion statements for a lot of women nowadays. It gives the wearer a degree of freedom and comfort while not looking too plain. But sporting this free-spirited look requires more than just an eye for beauty. Achieving this look demands a lot of attention to detail and tones of various types of necklaces. Organizing them and choosing what type blends beautifully can be a difficult task. But how do you keep your necklaces from tangling?

Anti-tarnish Velvet Interior

Stella 8 can both hang on the wall and the door

The LUXFURNI Stella 8 hanging jewelry cabinet with wall-mount and door-hang options. 24 necklace hooks,12 bracelet hooks and premium velvet interiors.

Hanging your necklaces and bracelets is a good way of avoiding tangles however it is very prone to scratches and dents because it does brush up against the wall when hanging. Make sure to pick a spot with a smooth surface to avoid this.

If finding a wall with a smooth surface is next to impossible then professional organizers recommend the **LUXFURNI Stella 8** hanging jewelry cabinet. It comes with 24 necklace hooks and 12 bracelet hooks for those who love stacking on their wrists too. It also comes with LUXFURNI’s signature velvet interiors with anti-tarnish qualities that prevents them from scratches and oxidation.

So what type of jewelry cabinets do supermodels use? I bet you know the answer to that. Visit us at and discover the perfect jewelry cabinet to fit your lifestyle.