The LUXFURNI Smart Factory- Combining age old traditions with tech- innovations



The world is changing today as we know it. Gone are the 80’s line managers and the mom and pop stores that use to rule the world. Combining age old traditions of wood working with advance tech-innovations sounds like asking for too much in this day of age. One company has managed to balance it all despite the demands of speed and mass production.

LUXFURNI creates products that define the struggles and achievements of women. Products that focus on making women’s lives easier. From jewelry cabinets that help women organize their pieces of jewelry to makeup mirrors with lights that help make their makeup on point, there is simply no stopping them.

Well design craft by luxfurni craftsman

LUXFURNI in-house designers and engineers share the same passion for excellence. We employ traditional methods of joinery and wood crafting to achieve beautiful jewelry cabinets that will last women a lifetime. With the unprecedented increase in demand for such products, we have chosen to automate our production process to minimize handling. A good example is our paint drying section which is fully automated without any need for human intervention. A fully mechanized conveyor system provides unhampered protection from dust and other particles. Basic wood selection and grading are utilized by our quality assurance personnel to ensure that all wood materials used in our products hand selected and checked for moisture content. Our master craftsmen and woodworkers still employ hand tools to make sure that each part of our jewelry cabinet and makeup mirrors are smooth and durable.

The Well made Luxfurni stella 8 wall mount jewelry cabinet

Jewelry cabinets with LED and makeup mirror with lights are fast becoming wardrobe favorites of young women today. Combining traditional methods of woodworking with tech-innovations are proving to be a challenge for every manufacturer. By investing in research and development programs, LUXFURNI is able to move a step forward to becoming the first smart factory to employ traditional methods as its core competencies.

These core competencies of LUXFURNI is best depicted in its award-winning products. The LUXFURNI Starry 5 Tri Fold Led Hollywood Mirror with Adjustable LED Light Dimmer is a classic vintage Hollywood design with a built-in smart touch technology. A true testament that traditional methods are possible while maintaining basic founding principles.

Keep your eyes peeled and take a tour to LUXFURNI’s Smart Factory. Explore how much effort we put into every detail. Our vision is to create products that will make a difference and elevate women’s lifestyles. Visit us at or subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest and greatest