The Science behind makeup mirrors: 3 Features you need to know before getting one

Luxfurni vanity makeup organizer maker guides us about the science behind makeup mirror

Makeup mirrors has been a part of Hollywood’s stars daily routine as far as we can remember. It has been the epitome of glitz and glamour. But what is in it that makes it the most coveted centerpiece in every celebrity’s vanity area?

While most experts recommend to always go for natural light, most days the sun isn’t shining where you want them to be. For the most parts of it, the bathroom becomes your final destination and your only hope for that perfect makeup application. But have you noticed that when you check yourself in the car mirror, your face isn’t just right. What happened? Experts say, the solution is a makeup mirror. But why is it different?

Let’s us explore together the science behind it and what features you need to know before getting one.


You may have noticed that you looked a certain way in your bathroom mirror and then completely different elsewhere. Don’t worry! The problem isn’t your makeup skills, it is your lighting, which, when done wrong can seriously affect your makeup results.

Luxfurni Smart touch dimmer in the vanity mirror is essential in makeup

The best way to apply makeup is with a warm or natural light source. The natural sunlight gives you the best reflection of your face in the mirror. On rainy days, warm white light like from a makeup mirror with LED is the next best thing. It has the closest resemblance to a natural light source in terms of color spectrum.

Before getting yourself a makeup mirror, be sure to check the color temperature and lumen level.

Premium makeup mirrors like LUXFURNI provide superior lighting with a max 6,500K color temperature to match every lighting requirement for all occasions. A maximum brightness level of 1900lumens for precision makeup applications while taking into account your energy savings between 75% to 80% compared to traditional light bulbs. Now these might sound like rocket science to you but take our word for it, it’s worth every penny investing on. 

Cosmetic Organizer

Putting on makeup and achieving that flawless look demands a lot of focus and hard work. Going around your bedroom looking for that specific makeup brush or that lipstick color in the middle of things can actually take your mind off what you are trying to achieve. Organizing your vanity area before you put on your makeup can be very time consuming especially when you do it every day. Now if this sounds like you then go for a makeup mirror with a built-in cosmetic organizer. Imagine all the time you will save looking for your makeup and cosmetics. Seeing everything you needs allows those creative juices to flow and before you know it, you might actually have a chance on being a makeup artist yourself.

Luxfurni makeup mirror organizer can hold more cosmetics

LUXFURNI Makeup mirrors come with built-in cosmetic organizer and patented silicone holders to keep those leaky cosmetic bottles of yours in place. And just in case you spill it, it is made of a stain-free material.

Smart Touch Technology

Putting on some mascara with one hand and holding a bottle on the other can be a touch balancing act of some sort. Controlling the lights and adjusting the color temp can be quite a handful, especially if you don’t do a makeover every day.

High-end makeup mirrors provide the ultimate comforts of allowing users to control the lights with just a touch of a button. Adjust the color temp and brightness with just a tap or a long press and you are all set. Oh, and in case you forget to turn it off, it has a 15-minute auto/ off feature that deactivates the power for you. Other LUXFURNI makeup mirrors come with memory functions that saves your desired settings for you automatically.

Luxfurni Smart touch dimmer in the vanity mirror is essential in makeup

So, what do you think of these? Here is a great piece of advice. Whatever type of mirror you choose, make sure you are getting every bang for your buck. Make sure it has all of these features. Make sure it is a LUXFURNI Makeup Mirror.