Designer Reveals: 6 Clever tips to small-space organizing with a jewelry cabinet

Luxfurni best jewelry organizer proposes organizing with a limited space possible

Small space living has its advantages, but trying to keep things organized in a small flat is not one of them.

Whether you live in a small house or you just feel like you do, organizing your personal items can be a little challenging. Makeup, accessories and pieces of jewelry albeit small can really take up so much space.

If you are looking for small-space storage ideas for your pieces of jewelry and makeup, then you are in the right place. Learn the secrets to organizing with limited space and discover why the hanging jewelry cabinet is the perfect space-efficient storage furniture in the market today.

So here are the 6 tips and tricks to doing it right.

Tip #1 Go higher with small-space storage.

You may not have a ton of floor space but we are sure there is no shortage of vertical space. Utilize the space you have up there by going for a jewelry cabinet that allows you to organize your pieces vertically. 

Tip #2 Go for the blank walls.

Maximize your space by tapping in your available resources. Check out your apartment and put some color into those walls instead of taking up valuable closet or floor space. A simple DIY hanging project or a hanging jewelry cabinet would do the job perfectly. This simple yet effective storage method allows you to create your own little nook without getting in the way. Don’t forget to match the color of the jewelry cabinet to the overall tone of your wall.

Tip #3 Maximize your door space.

One of the most overlooked places for additional storage space is the back of the door. Choose a jewelry cabinet with secure door-hang options and create a vanity area instantly. This works perfectly in your bedroom door where all the magic happens. Simply hang it and you are all set. Make sure to choose a jewelry cabinet with a cosmetic storage section to help you cut down on makeup clutter. 

Tip #4 Behind the mirror

We are not talking about those old- school medicine cabinets our grandma still has. (Although they are perfect for your leaky cosmetic bottles) There are so many modern bathroom storage solutions out there that can keep your vanity clear and organized. Choose one that is lined with a moisture-repellant velvet material to keep your baubles sparkling and tarnish-free.

Tip #5 Go for small footprints.

If you plan on using your available floor space for a vanity area, go tall and small. Choose a storage furniture that allows you to organize with the least amount of footprint as possible. Choose a standing jewelry cabinet with a slim- frame design. Make sure it comes with shadow-free lighting and you are all set.

Tip #6 Work with multi-purpose furniture

Swap out the traditional tabletop vanity mirror with this beautiful door –hang jewelry cabinet from LUXFURNI. There are tons of storage available from your makeup to pieces of jewelry. Plus, a full-length mirror with shadow-free lighting allows you to full put on makeup while showcasing what jewelry you want to wear. 

So what do you think of these? Did you learn anything new?

Here is a great piece of advice. No matter how small your space is, going big is never the solution. Keep organized and remember these tips.