5 makeup brushes must-haves that is sure to give you an (Instagram-worthy) Look!

Luxfurni vanity makeup organizer maker guides us for 5 makeup brushes must-haves that is sure to give you an (Instagram- worthy) look!

How many makeup brushes do I need? What are the best makeup brushes to buy? Which makeup brush do I use where? All these questions can be mind boggling. Knowing what makeup brushes you need and how to use them can be overwhelming. Today, I will help you clear of all of this confusion, with 5 types of makeup brushes every woman should have for that picture perfect Instagram look.

Let us dive right in and upgrade your makeup kit with these

1. Foundation brush

Foundation brushes give your face a smooth, flawless, and ultimately skin-like finish, no matter whether your foundation of choice is a liquid, cream, or powder. Choose one that is soft to the touch.

2. Concealer brush

Next, we come to the very important concealer brush. The brush has a pointed tip at the end of a wide base. While foundation offers basic coverage, concealer is the one that does most of the work – from contouring and hiding imperfections to serving as a highlighter and eyeshadows base. 

3. Blusher brush

Whether you are an ardent fan of makeup or you simply put it on as a necessity, you cannot do without some good ol’ blusher. This is perhaps the most common of them beauty brushes. Choose one with a rounded head as this allows you to pop some color on your cheeks. Don’t confuse your powder brush with a blusher brush. 

4. Spoolie brush

A spoolie brush or more popularly known as the mascara brush helps your lashes look long, curled and every bit stylish. Choose one that has a spiral tip to get down to every root and tip of your lashes for that lengthy and lush look.

5. Eye shadow brush

Get that perfect eye makeup and half the job is done. A good eye shadow makeup brush helps you achieve this. The eye shadow brushes are thin with a soft, small head that allows you to smear the color gently and uniformly on your eye lids.


Start small but never use your fingers. Brushes are meant to give you that smooth and contoured look. Get yourself some makeup brushes to kick things off and build a solid foundation around that. Learn how to use them properly and once you have mastered each type, nothing should stop you from purchasing those high-end ones.


Your eyes are the most expressive part of your face. This is the reason why a little eye makeup goes a really long way. The focus can either be on your brows, or on your eyes themselves. Eyeshadows or eyeliners are designed to bring out your features, or you can go for a natural look by simply applying a light coating of mascara to your lashes. 

LUXFURNI recommends a vanity mirror with lights that comes with a 3x magnification mirror to help you apply eye makeup with precision. Check out these expert- recommended makeup mirrors that are designed to take your makeup game up a notch.