How to choose a makeup mirror with lights like a pro?

How to choose a makeup mirror with lights like a pro? - Luxfurni

How to choose a makeup mirror with lights like a pro?

When it comes to applying flawless makeup, natural light is the best. But then again, not all of us are blessed with a beaming sunlight every time we need to apply makeup. if the sun isn’t shinning from where you are then buying a makeup mirror with lights makes life so much easier.

Makeup mirrors are not just mirrors. There is simply more to it than meets the eye. Purchasing one can be a little tricky, especially when you have never used one. Let us save you the trouble of returning your purchases by answering the questions you have in mind.

How do I choose a lighted makeup mirror?

Mirror styles and design

LUXFURNI offers a wide array of choices to suit your individual style and need. Sexy curved wood mirrors that spells luxury and elegance and frameless makeup mirrors with lights that is sure to be every minimalist dream.

The LUXFURNI STARRY 5 Makeup Mirror with Lights. Available on AMAZON

This classic makeup mirror with lights evoke the spirit of Hollywood with its tri-fold mirror design and elegant curves. See your face from all angles and contour your jawline for a more defined look without moving a muscle.

The LUXFURNI Starry 7 Makeup Mirror with Lights. Available on AMAZON

This sleek and frameless design provides an unobstructed view of your face and chest area. Upgrade your vanity area with its modern design elements.

Is LED lighting good for applying makeup?

LED lights is the next best thing to natural light. Choose a makeup mirror that has 10 or more LED lights if possible. LUXFURNI makeup mirrors provide an even light distribution that is focus entirely on your face and chest area. This allows you to correct those facial imperfections. Incandescent lighting tends to cast shadows and a warmer tone causing you to over apply your makeup. Also, LED lights are up to 70% more energy efficient than traditional incandescent lighting and has a longer lifespan the traditional ones.,

LUXFURNI Makeup mirror with lights shadow free lighting
LUXFURNI Makeup mirror with lights has up to 50,000 hours of shadow-free lighting. The LUXFURNI Starry 7 XL Makeup Mirror with 18 LED lights. Available on AMAZON

The LUXFURNI Starry 7XL makeup mirrors have as much as 18 LED’s plus it does come with brightness controls up to 6500K and 3 color temperatures to choose from.

What is the best lighting for makeup?

The best lighting for all your makeup application needs is the sun above you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t apply makeup when there are no sunrays from where you are. How your makeup looks in daylight is much different than it appears in the subdued lighting of a candlelit restaurant.

LUXFURNI Makeup Mirror with lights has 3 color temperatures for you to choose from.

You can now fully customize your makeup applications depending on the occasion. Cool white lighting allows you apply makeup similar to natural light while neutral lighting is perfect for a stunning look at the office. Make heads turn with a dramatic look with warm white lighting specifically for those dimly lit romantic evenings.

LUXFURNI Makeup mirror with lights come with smart touch controls that allow you to adjust the brightness with just a tap of a button.

Quick Tips for buying a makeup mirror with lights

  1. Always choose an HD glass mirror to avoid dark reflections and tarnish.
  2. Choose a high quality LED lights with 50,000hours of shadow-free lighting.
  3. Choose a makeup mirror with a 3x magnification mirror for those up close makeup applications.
  4. Vanity mirrors with lights are the best makeup mirrors for different lighting environments.

So, this is how you choose a makeup mirror with lights like a pro? Visit us at or just simply head out to our AMAZON store for amazing deals.