3 Awesome Valentine’s day gifts that every woman needs

3 Awesome Valentine’s day gifts that every woman needs - Luxfurni


Love is an awesome thing and finding someone that fits you like a glove is quite rare nowadays. So if you are with someone right now who fits this definition then you better hang on to her as tight as you can because it is not every day you get to be this lucky!

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and for those of you love birds out there, it’s the part of the year that you need to be extra special. No! We are not talking about the usual flowers and chocolates unless, you are expecting a break up over dinner. We are talking about insane ideas for your girl and so much more.

So here are 3 awesome Valentine’s day gifts that every woman should have.

Valentine’s day gift idea #1- Help her declutter with a hanging jewelry cabinet

Yeah, yeah, yeah! We hear you. It sounds like a lot of work but keep on reading because we are not here to make a mess. Trust us. She will love you for this. Tell her how much you appreciate her effort to look beautiful for you all the time. Looking at her try on a couple pairs of earrings and making sure she has her makeup kit for touch ups wherever you go means a lot to you. Tell her that it’s time for you to return back the favor by helping her organize her pieces of jewelry, makeup and other accessories with a LUXFURNI Stella 8 hanging mirror jewelry cabinet. We promise, this will be the best Valentine’s day gift she will every receive apart from the wine, flowers and chocolates.

The Stella 8 is a suitable gift
The LUXFURNI STELLA 8 Hanging mirror jewelry cabinet. Approximately $159.90

Valentine’s day gift idea #2- Share her passion- makeup mirror with lights

No! We are not saying that you should put on makeup. Don’t get us wrong. Instead, show her that you care and share her passion even if you are not into it. Women love men who are game for anything. Help her with a total make over. Give her a facial or some back massages. Of course, don’t forget the Valentine’s day must-have’s like flowers, gourmet chocolates and some fine wine. We are sure your lady loves makeup just like everybody else. So send her a LUXFURNI Starry 7. It has 12 LED lights that is sure to sweep her off her feet and four color temperatures to choose from. This is one gift she cannot resist.


Starry 7 LED mirror is good to have one too

The LUXFURNI STARRY 7 Makeup mirror with lights. Approximately $129.00 on SALE

Valentine’s day gift idea #3- Give her space to call her own- Floor-standing Jewelry cabinet

Maybe invite her for a fancy dinner for two or an overnight staycation would be a treat! Don’t forget to buy her a bouquet of flowers and be romantic for once this year.

We all need space to think and reflect more so when we are doing our makeup. Having a vanity area to call your own is in every woman’s bucket list but purchasing one can break the bank. Surprise her with the LUXFURNI Joyce 6x all-in-one mirror jewelry cabinet. Edge-to-edge mirror design with LED strip lights. This sleek floor-standing beauty packs a lot of accessories plus; it even has brush holders and storage drawers.

So what do you think is the best valentine’s day gift idea among the three? Whatever you choose, make sure to make her feel special all day because it’s her day!

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