How to organize your jewelry and accessories using the Konmari method?

Luxfurni best jewelry organizer tips for your makeup and jewelry clutter

We all know how difficult it is to organize our stuff, especially accessories and jewelries. Is there really a right way of doing it? Should we categorize it according to color or style? Or should we put them all together in one place and get them out of our way. We all ask the same questions to ourselves. According to Mari Kondo, a global Phenom and a Japanese professional organizer whose minimalism inspired approach in tackling your stuff category-by-category instead of room-by-room is the best and most sustainable way of doing it. The method can be a little challenging to start with because it forces you to examine if the item you are holding brings joy to you. Trust us, once you start using this method, you will never relapse again. Here at the LUXFURNI studios, we studied her 6 principles and we have found a way how to effectively apply it to jewelries and accessories so let’s get started!

Gather- make an inventory

Gathering every piece of jewelry you have and putting it in one place where you can see each piece allows you to check it. You can either spread it over your bed or on the table. Whatever works for you. This also makes it easier for you to keep an inventory of how many pieces you actually have. Like how many rings and bracelets you have collected over the years and how many broken pieces are there that can no longer be repaired. Sort them out and identify what needs to be tossed. Sort the remaining items based on what you wear often, what you haven’t worn for the last twelve months and what you never wear but to which you are sentimentally attached to. Hold them and feel them and ask yourself if it “sparks joy”. Lastly, donate what you haven’t worn for the last 12 months. Unload your stuff.

Sort them out again- sparks joy


Now that you are done with the basics, it is time for you to sort them out again. You should end up at least with two piles. One of them is the sentimental pile. These type of jewelry are those you certainly don’t want to toss out. They could be heirlooms that are no longer modern and trendy so let’s get them out of the way first by putting them in some place safe or better yet put them in a velvet bag to keep them away from scratches. The remaining jewelry should be stuff you wear or at least have worn in the past twelve months. Make sure they are all not tangled up and so you can go to the next step.

Know where to put them- utilize empty space

Mari Kondo is particular with utilizing space. Hanging it in the wall is one way of doing it plus it showcases your investments. This is perfect for your everyday items like those accessories you use for the office. If your stuff is a bit heavier or chunkier, you might want to get something made of metal that should be able to carry the weight of your precious gems. This is a sure and fun way of getting your stuff organized!

Countertop solution- making jewelry storage attractive

Mari Kondo recommends we use small empty boxes as dividers. If there is enough space in your dresser, then this felt-tiered tray is perfect. It will certainly compliment your vanity mirror. Honestly, this is the most accessible way of organizing your accessories especially those hairpins, rings and other tiny items you wear every day. 

LUXFURNI Jewelry Cabinet- maximum Joy

LUXFURNI Jewelry Cabinet

84 ring slots, 130 earring slots 24 hooks for bracelets and necklaces encased in velvet lining with 79 pcs. of LED lights to showcase every beautiful gem you have. Yes, you heard us right. The name is LUXFURNI. This brand simply reflects everything Mari Kondo has to say about tidying up. Its everything you need from a jewelry cabinet plus more. You won’t be needing a vanity mirror since this beauty has one on the outside and another inside. We guarantee that you will achieve Mari Kondo’s ultimate goal here. Need we mention it- maximum joy.