5 Makeup Tips To Make You Look Like an Instagram Model


Have you taken selfies of yourself thinking that it didn’t come out right? Have you seen Instagram models and celebrity photos that always turn out so perfectly well? We know what you are thinking and it’s not as easy as you think. (Unless you drag a professional makeup artist with you all day)

Makeup plays a huge role in every photo posted and it is totally different from your everyday kind. Here are 5 makeup tips that is sure to get your Instagram account buzzing all day so keep reading.

LUXFURNI Makeup Mirror

Tip #1: Everything starts with a good vanity mirror

No amount of skill or makeup can make you look Instagram-worthy if you do not have the proper tools. Start with a good makeup mirror with lights. This will definitely raise your game to new heights.

The most important aspect of a digital photo is how your skin appears in it. If it is full of blemishes, and uneven skin tone then, then the results would be a disaster. The goal is to achieve a flawless makeup look that looks natural without trying so hard.

Important points:

Lay the foundation with good foundation.

Use a highlighting concealer to hide those bags under your eyes and to add more glow to your skin.

Make sure to choose a makeup mirror with brightness control and color temperature options.

Tip #2: Sculpt and define

Do you think your face look boring or too round with no chiseled cuts and angles in your profile picture? Don’t worry! It’s not just you. Grab some contour power and brush to sculpt your face and give it the shape it needs.

Not only that it will give your face a more angular shape, but it will also add more color.

Take note: This process gives your face more definition and highlights the natural contour of your face.

Tip #3: Highlight like you mean it

If you want to elevate your makeup looks to the next level, then this is something you need to learn. First, check the color temperature settings of your makeup mirror. If you plan to don a look for evening wear then set it at warm-white level. If you plan to take a selfie like you are somewhere in the coast of France, then cool-white temperature it is.

After setting your lighting conditions, highlight like you mean it. If you want to look like you are glowing in your photos, then you need to highlight in the right places. This technique makes you look fresh and naturally glowing.

Take note: Apply highlights to your brows, cheek bones, nose and a bit on your forehead and chin.*

Use your vanity mirror lighting to double-check if it’s too much or too little. Add extra points when you apply it to your neck and collar bones.

Tip #4: Enhance your eyes with a 3x magnification mirror

Our eyes are the window to our souls they say. Make the most out of that window. Make it beautiful because it plays a major role to our overall makeup look.

Having the most alluring eye makeup can literally make anyone stop and look for a moment. If this is one of your Instagram-makeup goals then here are a few tips that will make your eyes look bigger and sexier.

  • Make sure to have a 3 magnification mirror. LUXFURNI vanity mirror with lights come with a 3x magnification mirror that bring out the best in your eye makeup.
  • Apply a highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes to make them look glowing and wide awake.
  • Make sure to add drama to your eyelashes by curling them up. This allows you to have a fuller and healthier effect in photos.
  • Add an extra oomph with a well-done eyebrows
  • Use a white waterline pencil in the lower waterline and add a little brown shadow in the outer corners of the eyes in the crease and below the waterline.
  • Apply highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes. It will help make them look bright and awake.
  • Make sure your eye-lashes are all curled in a dramatic fashion, because the more curled and fuller they are, the better they look in photos.

Tip #5: It’s all about the lips

Pouty lips are in and it’s all over Instagram. Bolder lipstick shades provide a more prominent and contoured look.

Go for cherry or coral lipstick and contour them with a pencil.

However, you choose to do your makeup, make sure to flash a smile and be confident with it.

Do all these tips and guaranteed, your Instagram page will be buzzing every minute.

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