3 Awesome facts experts didn’t want you to know about jewelry cabinets

Luxfurni best jewelry organizer's 3 Awesome facts experts didn’t want you to know about jewelry cabinets

Jewelry cabinets are now fast becoming a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Designers are continually coming up with innovative features to address the evolving needs of women in their vanity area. Wall-mounted and door hang options are pretty much a standard when it comes to homes with limited spaces. LED lights, interior mirror, multiple hooks and slots are all great to have but, what features really deserve our attention? With all the amazing designs out there, let us dig deeper and see what today’s jewelry cabinet are made of.

A Luxfrurni wall mount jewelry armoire in the bedroom

So here are three awesome facts experts didn’t want you to know about jewelry cabinets

Fact #1- Velvet interiors

Fine jewelry especially those made of higher gold content are very delicate. They easily get scratches and dents especially when you store them in rough and unprotected surfaces. To ensure that every piece of jewelry you own is in good hands, premium jewelry cabinets use an ultra-soft material such as velvet for their interiors. High-grade velvet doesn’t come cheap but so does your precious gems. Jewelry cabinet makers like LUXFURNI go to great lengths by filling the interiors with cushion and velvet to give you peace of mind. Although this doesn’t come cheap, it certainly does the job of taking good care of your precious investments.

A Luxfurni espresso wall mounted jewelry armorie on the center of the bedroom

Grime and moisture when combined causes a lot of stress to most metals. This holds true for your costume jewelry and accessories. Deluxe velvet is a natural water-repelling material that keeps your baubles free from moisture. Make sure to check the interiors of the jewelry cabinet before buying.

Fact #2- Makeup organizer

A lot of jewelry cabinets out there offer a multitude of slots and hooks for all types of jewelry from chunky bracelets to cocktail rings. But jewelry isn’t everything when it comes to a woman’s vanity area. Women need more than just jewelry to be beautiful. Having a full-mirror is no longer enough. A woman needs her makeup and cosmetics as well. Premium jewelry cabinets offer a wide array of choices but always make sure to go all in with one that has a makeup organizer. Trust us, you won’t regret this. Having everything you need when getting ready makes everything so easy and fun. No need to go around your bedroom looking for that favorite lipstick of yours. Plus, having all your vanities in one place allows you to make room for other essentials in your bedroom. Some jewelry cabinets offer do not offer a makeup organizer section. Make sure to check first before buying. Otherwise, go for a LUXFURNI jewelry cabinet. You are certain to get all these!

Fact #3- Shadow-free lighting

Luxfurni Joyce 6 led light strip jewelry armoire in a bedroom

Do you sometimes wonder how other women get that perfect makeup every day? Well, the easy and simple answer is shadow-free lighting. No, we are not talking about a makeup mirror. We are talking about shadow-free lighting in your jewelry cabinet. If makeup is your thing, then don’t go thru life without getting one yourself. Choose a jewelry cabinet with built-in LED strip lights for that perfect salon-like feel. Seeing your face glow is really something else. Take our word for it. No amount of artistry can give you that perfect blush without good lighting.

Buying a jewelry cabinet to house your precious pieces of jewelry is simply a great idea but there are a few other things you should consider. Make it worth every penny. A jewelry cabinet that comes with everything has a price but having everything you need in front of you is priceless.

Make sure to choose a jewelry cabinet that has it all. Choose LUXFURNI. The finest jewelry cabinet maker.