World Class Professional Organizer reveals: Which is Better? Standing Jewelry Cabinet or Hanging Jewelry Cabinet?

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Women nowadays no longer need to wait for men to buy them pieces of jewelry. They work hard for their money and they deserve to give themselves a treat as they please. Jewelry, makeup and cosmetics fill our vanities and before we know it, we have piles of them. Just like anything in this world we need to organize them and make way for other essentials in life.

Four women in pink and white outfits celebrating on a bed with a Luxfurni jewelry organizer visible to the side. 

We spoke to a couple of professional organizers and ask them about their personal preference in jewelry cabinets and we narrowed down their choices to just two. A standing mirror jewelry cabinet and a hanging mirror jewelry cabinet. So what is really the difference between the two? What are the things you should know before buying and what benefits does each give?

So here is the lowdown.


As the population has grown, so has the demand for space. Prices for extra spaces has skyrocketed in the last decade. Women are simply making do with the limited space they have at home. Organizing your stuff can mean throwing away things you don’t need or better yet, stop collecting stuff that you want to make way for more essential things in life.

A side-by-side comparison of two bedroom designs, both featuring white comforters and wall-mounted organizers.

If you want to organize your pieces of jewelry and accessories, experts suggest that you choose a hanging mirror jewelry cabinet. This allows you to utilize the space that you have but don’t use. For example, if you have a blank wall that needs some color and drama, go for a wall-mount jewelry cabinet. It is the perfect painting to a blank canvas. Just be sure to position your hanging mirror jewelry cabinet to the exact spot you want. Also, if you do not wish to poke holes to your bedroom wall, go for the door-hang mirror jewelry cabinet. Simply choose a door where you want it.


What the hanging mirror jewelry cabinet lacks, the standing mirror jewelry cabinet makes up for. If you have some extra space at home, go for the standing option. This beautiful centerpiece allows you to move it anywhere you want without the hassle. Create a vanity area instantly, anywhere.

A Luxfurni standing jewelry cabinet with a full-length mirror and LED lights. The cabinet has a sleek, modern design and is made of high-quality materials.

Another thing you need to consider is positioning your jewelry cabinet near your other amenities like your hair dryer or lighting. Other premium jewelry cabinets need power so it is best to put it near a power outlet.


Another great thing about the standing mirror jewelry cabinet is the angle feature it provides. Sorry girls, the hanging jewelry cabinet fails at this one. The standing option allow you to adjust the mirror angle according to your height. So if you are the type of a woman who wants to be in control of things, go for this one. Having a good angle when putting on makeup really does wonders to your face. The standing jewelry cabinet wins in this round.

Luxfurni jewelry armoire with adjustable angle


Experts reveal that the narrow-bezel and slim-frames designs are very popular choices today. This type of design complements all types of bedroom. Make sure to check whether they come with a multitude of hooks and slots for rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Shadow-free lighting and drawers are mostly offered in the premium selection. All these are available for both the standing and hanging mirror jewelry cabinets.

A sunlit bedroom featuring a cozy bed with plush pillows and a sleek, Luxfurni Jewelry armoire leaning against the wall.

Professional organizers suggest that you should choose what you need first before anything else. Determine what you need in terms of space, mobility and angle when choosing between a standing or a hanging mirror jewelry cabinet. According to professional organizers, one must first make an inventory of the jewelry they have in order to determine the size of the jewelry cabinet they need. For example, if you like layering bracelets and necklaces, go for one that has ample slots and hooks for these items.

A sleek white Luxfurni standing jewelry cabinet with LED lighting illuminates a bedroom. The cabinet features a full-length mirror, drawers, and shelves for organized jewelry storage.

Whatever you choose to go for, make sure to fill your jewelry cabinet with things you love.

So what do you think of these? Watch out for our other amazing articles about jewelry cabinets and Hollywood makeup mirrors.

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