Why Wall Hanging Jewelry Cabinets is the Best?

Why Wall Hanging Jewelry Cabinets is the Best? - Luxfurni

Shopping for a jewelry organizer can be a little tricky, especially when you don’t know how. There are simply tons of them to choose from. Jewelry boxes, trays and drawers are the usual choices for most women 10 years ago. We did interview 50 women about their choice on what is the best jewelry organizer and the hanging jewelry cabinet is a hands-down winner. But why is it the best jewelry organizer?

Don’t worry! We did all the footwork for you and collected all that makes sense. So here it is.

Luxfurni Joyce 1 Jewelry Organizer Frameless Mirror Wall Hanging Amoire With LED Lights

The LUXFURNI Joyce 1 Hanging Jewelry Cabinet with 6 LED lights. Approximately $139.90

Hanging jewelry cabinets are multi-purpose organizers

Showcasing your pieces of jewelry and making sure your necklaces are not tangled are just one of the many things a hanging jewelry cabinet can do that trays and boxes simply can’t. The LUXFURNI Joyce 1 jewelry cabinet is a great example of pure form and function with multi-purpose organizers. Edge-to-edge mirror design with a high contrast HD glass mirror for an unobstructed full body view with zero dark reflections. Multi-level display racks allow you to organize your cosmetics and other skin care products in just one place. Plus, it even comes with 6 LED lights that provides superb illumination even in the dark.


The LUXFURNI Joyce 8 Hanging Jewelry Cabinet with brush holders. Approximately $119.90

Hanging jewelry cabinets are space-saving pieces of furniture

With the skyrocketing prices of real estate, having more space at home is almost impossible. One has to contend with buying furniture pieces that are space- saving and multi-functional. Organizing your pieces of jewelry and other vanities tend to be more difficult with space constraints.

Most women prefer the hanging jewelry cabinet for its space-saving features. Most women complain about the limited floor space they have. The LUXFURNI Joyce 8 Jewelry cabinet has 2 secure-hang options. Mount it to the wall or hang it behind your door with hooks. LUXFURNI’s revolutionary frame design allows you to conveniently organize everything you need in one place without using any floor space.

Jewelry Organizer Classic Design Wall Mount Lockable Organizer With Interior LED Light Bar

he LUXFURNI Stella 8 Hanging Jewelry Cabinet with an interior vanity mirror, 79 LED lights and cosmetic organizer. Approximately $159.90

Hanging jewelry cabinets make the best vanity area centerpiece

Most of the women we interviewed say that hanging jewelry cabinets make the best vanity area centerpieces. Creating a vanity area in your home space would entail putting a table and a table top mirror while simply leaving out organizing your precious pieces. Hanging jewelry cabinets are the all-in-one solution to all these covering everything you need.

The LUXFURNI Stella 8 wall mount/ door hanging jewelry cabinet simply has it all from a standard full-length HD glass mirror to 79 LED lights that provide a class-leading illumination to its interior vanity mirror. Go to great lengths with its cosmetic organizer and 4 storage acrylic drawers with elegant diamond-pattern design. As if all these was not enough, check out its great storage capacity that lets you organize 130 pairs of earrings, 24 necklaces and so much more!

How about you? What do you think is the best jewelry organizer money can buy? Post your comments and opinions on the section below and let us know what’s on your mind or visit us at luxfurni.com and find the perfect hanging jewelry cabinet to fit your lifestyle.

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