Experts reveal: Why LUXFURNI Is The Best Jewelry Cabinet In The World.

Jewelry cabinets are fast becoming a woman’s essential. Gone are the days wherein a woman keeps her pieces of jewelry inside a jewelry box. Women’s needs have evolved over the years from fancy wooden jewelry boxes adorned with intricate details of precious stones to mirror jewelry cabinets with full length mirrors and LED lights.

Women all over the world are now looking for the best mirror  jewelry cabinets to help them take good care of their precious investments. But what is there really in a jewelry cabinet? What makes them so sought after by models and celebrities?

LUXFURNI is the best cabinet jewelry in the world

According to experts, LUXFURNI is the best jewelry cabinet in the world for so many reasons. They are the pioneers of this industry. LUXFURNI has come up with innovative features long before anyone has thought about it.

Let us carefully examine these features and discover what makes them so special.


To complement the advent of minimalist and Zen designs for home décor and furniture, LUXFURNI has managed to come up with full-length mirrors in narrow frame designs. This allows women to blend their jewelry cabinets with their room.

LUXFURNI is the best cabinet jewelry in the world in design

Colors and palette are very important components of interior design. To highlight the beauty of women’s vanity areas, LUXFURNI launched two very popular colors, espresso brown and classic white. This has garnered accolades from interior designers all over the world and has been a classic selection today. 


Different women have different needs. The same goes for jewelry cabinets. Some vanity areas have abundant spaces and some have limited to none at all. LUXFURNI pioneered the use of blank walls and doors by creating innovative design options for those women who want a vanity area but have limited space. A wall-mounted option was launched to cater to women who wants to utilize every part of their bedroom flat.

choose joy in LUXFURNI the best cabinet jewelry in the world

LUXFURNI made sure to create similar design with the standing type with full options. Another great design that the company launched ahead of everybody else was the over the door-hang mirror jewelry cabinet. Most women who live in limited spaces also had to adhere with residential rules. No poking of holes in the walls was addressed. This allows you to hang a full mirror jewelry cabinet right behind the door without consuming any space at hall. All three styles from the standing, door-hang and wall-mount mirror  jewelry cabinet enjoyed years of success up to this very day.


A decade ago, built-in lights for furniture and home décor was quite inconceivable. LUXFURNI enjoyed unprecedented success when they launched their mirror jewelry cabinet with LED lights. 79 LED Lights to be exact. This innovative design was simply welcomed by women everywhere allowing them to showcase their precious gems. Women can now enjoy seeing their entire outfit while choosing pieces of jewelry to pair it with.

LUXFURNI is the best mirror jewelry cabinet with led lights

Another illuminating concept was the shadow-free lighting. This was launched after the success of the its built-in LED lights. Women and professionals everywhere were using LUXFURNI’s jewelry cabinets not just for jewelry but for makeup application as well. This allowed the company to serve a bigger spectrum from organizing pieces of jewelry to makeup enthusiasts. LUXFURNI’s total lighting solution for each jewelry cabinet has become a standard for all jewelry cabinet manufacturers all over the world.


Women work hard for their precious gems and they want to make their investments last. Harsh elements like moisture and grime can seriously affect the quality of precious stones and metal. LUXFURNI made sure that each jewelry cabinet style must have a protective value. Moisture resistant, smooth velvet lining is installed in all jewelry cabinets styles that they produce to avoid causing scratches and dents.

LUXFURNI is the best cabinet jewelry protects your precious gems

Display and Storage

LUXFURNI believes that a woman doesn’t wear, what she doesn’t see. This concept helped the company cover all areas from jewelry to makeup. Imagine having 130 earrings slots, 24 hooks for necklaces and 12 hooks for bracelets, 4 storage shelves for your makeup and cosmetics. Throw in 4 storage drawers with a makeup organizer and a cosmetic travel pouch. These are just some of the things LUXFURNI has that has made it a runaway leader in the industry.

LUXFURNI is the best cabinet jewelry beautiful design and spacious storage

LUXFURNI has evolved as a company focusing on making women’s lives beautiful. Recently, it has added a new line of Hollywood makeup mirrors with cosmetic organizers. This is another milestone for a company who was inspired by a simple jewelry box for women.

If you plan to buy your first jewelry cabinet, don’t settle for anything less. Choose the very best in the world. Choose LUXFURNI.