When it comes to makeup applications like winged eyeliners or grooming your eyebrows for that thick natural look, even the best makeup skills are no match for bad quality lighting. If you think doing all these in a dimly lit room, well, think again. You should be able to spot a disaster a mile away.

Here is a surefire solution. Makeup mirror with lights. Unlike your grandma’s bathroom mirror, these modern makeup mirror with lights are far more superior. Think of a lighting system designed to focus entirely on your face. Tech- innovations like color temperature settings and adjustable brightness provide the ultimate precision and accuracy for all types of makeup techniques. So say goodbye to unpluck eyebrows and say hello flawless makeup!

If you are in the market for the best makeup mirror with lights to do a makeover for yourself, don’t worry. We have done all the hard work for you and tested the best types money can buy. If you are on a tight budget but looking to ramp up your style, we got you covered.

So here is the top 5 that we have tested in no specific order.

The LUXFURNI STARRY 7 XL (25.4"H x 20.6"W x5.5"D)

Starry 7 XL makeup mirror with light large


If you are looking for a makeup mirror with lights that sets the bar higher than the rest, then look no further. Edge to edge mirror design provides an unobstructed view of your chest and face. The name itself “XL” literally translates to a massive size that allows you to do almost everything while sitting down. 18 LED lights provide the best illumination for all types of makeup. Each bulb has a 90 CRI rating and that means, better color rendition. Think of putting on together similar shades of blush and having the ability to determine which is slightly darker or lighter. Now if you are not impressed with that then how about putting on makeup with 3 types of color temperature. Throw away your worries and look great wherever you are with cool white lighting that lets you blush for some fun under the sun. Look your best in the office with neutral lighting or go for a night out with friends with warm lighting. Take a closer look when doing your eyelids and brows with its 3x magnification mirror.

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The LUXFURNI STARRY 5 (20.8"H x 28.7"W x 1.69")

Tri fold makeup mirror with lights vanity table


Elegant curve design allows you to create a vanity area instantly. Tri-fold makeup mirror with lights provides a stunning panoramic view of your face and chest area. See your face from all angles without lifting a muscle. Blush and contour your jawline like a pro. 10 LED lights provides superb illumination for precise makeup applications. What this makeup mirror lacks for color temperature, it does make up for it’s priceless view. LUXFURNI’s smart touch technology allow you to adjust the brightness with just a tap. Form meets function.

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The LUXFURNI STARRY 8 (18.9" L x 23.2" H x 2" W)

Sarry 8 makeup mirror with ring light


If you are looking for a makeup mirror with a functional design without sacrificing elegance, then get this one right off the bat. Unconventional oval-shaped mirror design with handmade glass crystal accents provide a wide and dramatic profile of your face and chest area. Advance ergonomic design allows you to adjust and rotate up to a 90° angle according to your makeup requirements for that ultimate makeup experience.12 bright LED’s provide 50,000 hours of uninterrupted shadow-free lighting. Contour and highlight your makeup exactly how you want to with 4 color temperatures to choose from. Adjust the brightness of your lighting up to 1900 Lumens. Smart memory function automatically saves your data settings for your convenience. This is the best priced mirror considering all its smart features. Worth every penny!

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The LUXFURNI STARRY 7 (51 cm x 41.5 cm x 13.5 cm)

Starry 7 makeup mirror with light bulbs


Do you sometimes wonder why your makeup appears to have a different shade after making sure it is on point? Well, it’s not your makeup skills, it is your makeup mirror. Yes! No doubt about it. Color temperature and brightness play a big role in makeup applications. Choose a makeup mirror with lights that have it all. If you like taking selfies and posting it on your favorite social media, then the LUXFURNI Starry 7 is the perfect makeup mirror with lights for you. 12 Ultra-bright LED’s are designed to focus on your face making you feel like a true Hollywood star!

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The LUXFURNI STARRY 10 (15.6"L x 23.6"H x6.6"D)

Starry 10 vanity mirror with lights makeup


If you are looking for a makeup mirror with lights on Amazon, then try this out. The LUXFURNI STARRY 10 is the perfect makeup mirror with lights that can be both functional at work or play. We all know that putting on makeup is such an arduous task. Cleaning up and organizing your glam tools right after can be so stressful. Revel in the Starry 10’s posh organizer. It is made of a stain-free material that allows you to clean it instantly. Avoid leaky cosmetic bottles with its patented silicone holders. Putting on makeup has never been so easy. Plus, it does come with all the tech innovations from color temperature adjustments and brightness controls for 12 LED lights.

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So this sums up the top 5 of the best makeup mirror with lights for 2020. So what are you waiting for? Log on to Amazon and simply type LUXFURNI Makeup Mirror with lights and enhance your makeup experience!