How to get the best out of your LUXFURNI vanity mirror?

How to get the best out of your LUXFURNI vanity mirror?

So, you own now the best vanity makeup mirror in the world. So how you can get the best out of your Luxfurni mirror? Just like if you have a new phone that you just need for call and texting. Luxfurni vanity mirror is not only ended if you finish doing makeup. Read this tip to get the best out of your awesome vanity mirror.

Utilize correct lighting functions

With the accurate lighting set paired with careful makeup. A surefire for a stunning moment in your life

Making up is crucial with lights. If you don't know how to use lights in different makeup scenarios, you are missing a lot! Correct lighting will determine the result if you become the head-turner of the night, the center spotlight of glitz and glamour, or an unwanted look from your BFF. 

Utilize the magnification

A magnifying mirror is a crucial part of your vanity kit. It will enable you to apply makeup precisely.

Magnification is very useful for clear and detailed makeup. Great also if your eyes are failing you, so you can see everything. Using magnification in making up will help you avoid migraine, headaches or similar head issues due to eyes strain from being overworked.

Put it in the Right place

Never miss out any spots and blemish. With Luxfurni vanity mirror, you can rotate and adjust the angle for superior makeup experience.

Take advantage of the adjustable angle of the mirror. Put it in a place where you can view your face comfortably, you can rotate the mirror adjust the angle for the ultimate vanity experience. So, you can better look at all the places that need that attention and focus on the blemishes in your face so you can get that professional makeup artist level that you are looking for.

Taking care of mirrored vanity organizer

We want you to enjoy forever your incredible moment with your favorite Luxfurni vanity mirror. Take extra love and care with your vanity mirror. See to it that it is properly installed, placed and secure.

In Summary, take good care of your vanity mirror. It is also an investment. Check the cable regularly if tangled, damaged, or any signs of scratches. Put it in a place where you can lock the door so your pets or family member who is not old enough, to prevent them from damaging the mirror. For any technical issues don't hesitate to call or contact us we have 24/7 round the clock happy support to assist you.

Lastly getting the most out of your Luxfurni vanity mirror will help you achieve that perfect look always. And also enjoy that precious moment you spend on making up with it.

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