3 Best Tips from Marie Kondo that you can do with a Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

3 Best Tips from Marie Kondo that you can do with a Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

Marie Kondo has made an impact on millions of people around the world. Her book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," is a New York Times bestseller and she's been featured in major publications like Vogue Magazine. One thing that Marie Kondo doesn't mention in her book or any other interviews is how to organize your jewelry collection! This blog post will give you some ideas for organizing your Marie Kondo-inspired jewelry pieces while also making use of mirror jewelry cabinets!

Store everything vertically

After saying goodbye to all your pieces of jewelry, it’s time for you to choose how to organize them. According to Marie Kondo, the best way to organize your precious baubles is to do it vertically. This allows you to showcase everything you need while saving a lot of space.

Having a LUXFURNI jewelry mirror cabinet allows you to do all these in just one go. From jewelry armoire stands to hanging jewelry armoire cabinets, they simply have everything that allows you to organize vertically with no fuzz at all.

Organize by category and not by location

Creating an inventory of all your pieces of jewelry and accessories allows you to visualize how much you have collected over the years. You may also realize how infrequent you use some of pieces.

Having a jewelry armoire full-length mirror allows you to segregate and organize your pieces of jewelry according to category and frequency of use. For example, you can hang those earrings which you use everyday to the left and side of the earring holder and hang those you rarely use on the right side. This makes your decision process simple and efficient!

Another notable benefit of having a jewelry armoire stand in your vanity area is you get to mix and match your outfit with your accessories in just one go!

Follow the order

In Marie Kondo’s book, she emphasizes that we should follow the order of things when we are organizing. Although we honestly think this is true, we would like to add a little twist to this rule. Following the order can also mean that when we are organizing with multiple small items like our accessories, we should make sure to return it back where we got them to avoid repeating the whole process. This can be a little difficult when getting started, especially during the morning rush. Good organizing is not only the act of organizing itself but also changing our ways and habits at home.

Having a jewelry armoire cabinet like LUXFURNI allows you to conveniently tuck in the pieces that you are done wearing. No need to remember where you place it because LUXFURNI’s storage design is so easy to understand plus, it has a lot of space not just for your sparkly pieces.

If you're a Marie Kondo fan, but don't have the space for her famous KonMari method in your home or apartment, then our mirror jewelry cabinets might be just what you need! The LUXFURNI Jewelry Cabinet is perfect for storing and organizing all of your precious pieces while also making use of a large vanity mirror. And if that's not enough to convince you how great these jewelry armoire stands are- we'll throw in free shipping right now! Shop today and start tidying up with ease.

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