BUY or DIY: Which jewelry organizer has better value?

BUY or DIY: Which jewelry organizer has better value? - Luxfurni


With all the alluring pieces of jewelry out there, little do we know that our jewelry collection seems to be growing year after year. There seems to be a specific type of jewelry available for every occasion. Cocktail rings for dinner with friends and statement earrings for partying. The list goes on and on. Before we know it, we end up with a pile of accessories. We can all use some help in organizing our pieces of jewelry. But do you notice that every time you organize your clutter, it always comes back to haunt you? Well, the simple and easy solution to that is a jewelry organizer. This provides you a system for organizing your pieces. A DIY jewelry organizer sounds like the way to go. It is very practical and easy to make. But is it all that? Will you be able to save a few dollars if you do it yourself? Or is buying a jewelry organizer the more practical solution?

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Making your jewelry organizer may require you a lot of things other than your time and buying a jewelry organizer can be a little pricey. So we prepared a list to see the pros and cons of making and buying one before going for a deep dive.

DIY Jewelry Organizer (Pros)


- A DIY jewelry organizer has a more customized approach. If you are an earring type of a woman, most likely your jewelry organizer will be an earring holder. Making your jewelry organizer according to the type of jewelry you have is very practical. Just don’t forget to consider the pace at which your collection is growing.

Save cash

- Making good use of used materials for a DIY project is another good way to save on cash. Gathering some driftwood or repurposing an old picture frame as a jewelry organizer makes a lot of sense. This allows you to save up on cash while addressing a need.

DIY Jewelry Organizer (Cons)


- A DIY jewelry organizer may involve a lot of work depending on the type you want. Making use of an old frame, painting them, and putting on some mesh wires to hang your earrings and bracelets will require you to have some tools handy. If you don’t mind putting on some muscles, then this is perfectly fine. Learning how to use the drill, grinder and basic screwdriver may eat up so much of your time. Whatever happens, don’t let your enthusiasm fizzle out!


- The quality of your jewelry organizer can mean so many things. It has to be secured and dependable enough to house your prized possessions. So let’s be real here. The quality of your jewelry organizer may be good enough to help you get organized but making your precious gems sparkle is a different story.


- Like all DIY projects, creating your jewelry organizers has its limitations. Consider premium velvet, LED lights, and wall-mount options. These are not easy when you don’t have the basic technological know-how to install them.

BUY Jewelry Organizer (Pros)


- Buying a jewelry organizer allows you to choose the perfect style to fit your lifestyle. Getting your first jewelry organizer is as easy as a click of a button or walking down to the store. This saves you all the time and effort of making one.


- Buying a jewelry organizer allows you to choose the best type of materials for your precious gems. Keeping your jewelry organized is one thing and protecting them from the harsh environment is another. High-grade wood and premium velvet interiors keep your jewelry away from moisture and tarnish. This is impossible to do with a DIY project.


- Purchasing a jewelry organizer gives you the option to choose what features you need. Some of you may have limited space at home, so choose a wall-mounted jewelry organizer. You can take it up a notch higher with LED lights too. Most jewelry organizers have ample slots for all your jewelry pieces. That should be the least of your concerns when purchasing one.


- Another great advantage of buying a jewelry organizer is the warranty that comes with it. Someone is responsible for damages and defects. No need to bring out the hammer and nails to fix the problem. Just call the manufacturer and you will get a replacement. Choose a trusted manufacturer.

BUY Jewelry Organizer (Cons)


- Buying a jewelry organizer can be a little pricey compared to a DIY.


Here is a great piece of advice. Before you decide on which path to take, consider how invested you are in your pieces of jewelry. Just like all good things in life, it does come with a price.

So what do you think of these? Are you ready to make your jewelry organizer? Which has greater value for you?