8 things you need to know before buying a jewelry organizer

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You’ve likely spent a good amount of money on your pieces of jewelry. Organizing every item can be a tall order. Making sure that each necklace is not tangled and each pair of earring is in place can be time-consuming. Organizing your precious investments is a must if you want to make them last. But how do you organize them? Should you buy a jewelry organizer? What type should you buy? The purpose of a jewelry organizer is to hold your jewelry and keep your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings safe. Organizing your pieces of jewelry allows you to find your favorite piece faster. It shows you all the possible options you have so you don't forget about the pieces you hardly wear.

So here are 8 things you need to know before buying a jewelry organizer.

Luxfurni best jewelry organizer maker 8 tips you need to know before buying a jewelry organizer


1. Capacity

Make a list of each jewelry piece you have. This allows you to determine the organizer capacity you need to buy. Choose a jewelry organizer that is sizeable enough to accommodate your collection. Also, consider the pace at which your collection is growing. Buying an organizer that comes with multiple sections and compartments will make it easy for you to organize.

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2. Factor in your jewelry collection

You need a jewelry organizer that can house your entire collection. Make an inventory of the pieces of jewelry you have. This allows you to determine what type of jewelry organizer you should buy. Some have more earrings slots and others have bangle bars for your bracelets. Be specific. You won’t regret it.

Luxfurni large jewelry box maker urge to factor in you jewelry collection


3. Protect your jewelry from deterioration

Grime and moisture can cause some serious deterioration in your jewelry. This explains why you should choose a premium mirror jewelry cabinet. Most jewelry organizers are inlaid with velvet-lining to keep jewelry moisture-free. A padded jewelry box gives that extra protection from dents and scratches. The more affordable varieties of jewelry organizers come in plastic and fabric options. These may not provide the same level of protection as jewelry boxes but it gets the job done. Know the value of your investments and protect them. The goal is to keep your jewelry sparkling for the years to come.

Luxfurni jewelry boxes and organizers maker points out to protect your jewelry from deterioration


4. Aesthetics

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This holds true for your jewelry organizer as well. Do you want something modern or vintage? Take the style of your room into consideration. If you are into natural materials or bright hues, then choose a white mirror jewelry cabinet with a slim- frame design to add to your overall minimalist look.

Luxfurni is aesthetically beautiful makeup organizers


5. Material and durability

Jewelry organizers come in a range of materials. Plastic, wood, glass, polymer clay and enamel make up these beauties. Needless to say, a wooden mirror jewelry cabinet is the most popular. They are durable and stylish. A high-quality jewelry cabinet made of well-treated wood keeps moisture from building up within, keeping your items dry and moisture-free.

Luxfurni best makeup organizer is made of durable material

6. Do you need a lock and key?

The answer depends on the type of jewelry you own. If you are into costume jewelry, chances are you won’t need one. However, if you are heavily invested in precious gems, a premium jewelry cabinet will surely come with one. Having a mirror jewelry cabinet with a lock can surely take the attention of those prying eyes you live with.

Luxfurni large lockable vanity case for privacy and security

7. Type of jewelry organizer

There are several types of jewelry organizers available for you. All you need is to figure out what you need. If you lack space in your flat, consider getting an over-the-door jewelry organizer. This is perfect if your landlady doesn’t want you to puncture holes in her walls. A wall-mounted jewelry organizer is also ideal for those who want to make a vanity area out of a blank wall. Jewelry boxes and trays are great for tabletop organizers. Standing jewelry organizers and jewelry armoires provide an all-in-one convenience for organizing your jewelry, accessories, makeup, and cosmetic products. Choose one that has a full-length mirror and shadow-free lighting.

Luxfurni best jewelry organizer produces free-standing wall-mounted and tabletop to choose from

8. LED Light Options

Some premium jewelry organizers include illumination. This lighting showcases your jewelry elegantly and makes it easier for you to mix and match even in the dark. It enhances the aesthetics of your jewelry.

Premium jewelry organizers like LUXFURNI offer options that provide exterior and interior lighting. Choose one that suits your needs. Jewelry organizers with exterior LED lighting is perfect for those women who love makeup. If you enjoy appreciating your jewelry collection, choose one that has interior LED lights. This allows you to see everything clearly even with the lights off.

These sums up everything you need to know before buying a mirror jewelry cabinet. Whatever your decision is, choose a jewelry organizer that makes everything easy for you and fill it with pieces that spark joy in your life.

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