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Absolutely love this mirror! brilliant! Would highly recommend, I can't rate it enough.

Norwood Gibson

Love this jewelry cabinet.

Purchased to mount on the side of a walk-in closet cabinet. Stores a large amount of jewelry. Really appreciate the light and lock. The door opens completely, providing a dressing mirror in the closet or closed, on the outside for a quick check.

Absolutely love this mirror! brilliant! Would highly recommend, I can't rate it enough.

Norwood Gibson

Great value

Absolutely love this. Great value for money. Perfect size. Really happy with it

Space-saving, functional, nice interior

This fit perfectly in a small closet space and mirror is great. I like that the interior is a light color and not black--it looks nicer and shows off jewelry. Not the best for bulky/chunky necklaces because of the shallow depth. I would prefer all to be earring slots such that earrings rest on top for easier removal (rather than having to clasp and unclasp them). The only functional complaint I have is that the door magnet stopped working after a month of use. I just emailed customer service so I will report back on whether they make it right.

Sturdy, good looking, not bright enough.

Nash Bartoletti

Sturdy, good looking, not bright enough.

Nash Bartoletti


Hello, I tell those who, like me, read the reviews, a very good investment, the lighting quality is quite good, the vision is quite acceptable, the size I thought was a little bigger but it's fine, It arrived very well packaged, the touch buttons work well and it looks beautiful on my vanity. The only thing I didn't like was the slightly short charging cable, I had to put an extension on it to reach the socket. But considering that it had more positive than negative things I give


Very clean and bright look. I have it on a desk and it can also be mounted on a wall which is great.

Good for her

My wife was very happy and also good for indirect lighting in the room.


Was much better than my husband and I even thought it would be. Well crafted well made very simple only a few parts to put together it is absolutely a woman strain and does not compare to such things as a jewelry armoire it’s amazing and I’m extremely grateful for all the people involved that help get this to me 😇✨

Didn't last but 6 months

This mirror first broke from falling over, due to instability, about 2 months after i purchased. Seems like it needs stands on the back or something. Now, at 6 months, it's not working any more, as in the lights aren't coming on. That was the main reason i wanted this one because it was bigger and had led lights.

Cute but I want something more

Item was damaged. A scratched mirror what went through to the inside and some scuffs on the leather. Otherwise it��s cute and has a lot of storage.

Super Happy

Nice size, 3 set brightness is ideal, and easy to set up. You won't regret purchasing!

Good quality mirror.

Well made mirror with adjustments for angle of the mirror, lighting tone and brightness. I had a problem with the electric connection as an American type electric connector was included but I contacted Luxfurni who posted the correct USB type connector.