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looks elegant

Got this for Mother day and I am so happy how it looks like!

worth every penny

I can't believe how much my makeup routine has changed since we got this amazing makeup mirror with lights for the desk!

Wife is satisfied

My wife loves everything about this vanity mirror


The mirror with lights for makeup is not only stylish but also has all of the features I could ask for!

My space shines

It's hard to find a mirror with lights for makeup desk that is both impressive and has the design features I want. This one fits my needs perfectly!

Perfect for my daughter's room

I'm so happy that I finally found the perfect gift for my daughter! She loves it and it arrived quickly.

Awesome features

These wall mirrors with lights are the perfect way to make your room feel like it's brand new again. The touch screen buttons allow you to control everything from the brightness level on your own.

genuinely inlove

The jewelry cabinet is an amazing piece of furniture that I can't help but fall in love with.

Quality is great

I was really excited to find a vanity mirror that not only matches my dcor but also has an awesome quality!

Sturdy and nice

The quality of this LED mirror vanity is great, and my niece loves this present.

Great buy!

This one has all of the features and more than meets my needs.

Amazing product!

Perfect condition!

awesome features

The gift was for my niece's birthday and it turned out beautifully! The elegant and beautiful LED light is amazing. The battery-powered lights are even more impressive than I imagined! I don't have to look for a plug! It had a big enough space for all my pieces and it felt safe, knowing they were secured

Soo amazed

It was the most beautiful LED mirror in my entire room! The 3 lighting options are so helpful for getting every shadow and highlighting all your best features!

Vanity table looks better

I am so happy with this mirror! My vanity table is never the same!

Highly Recommending

You will find it hard to find a more beautiful and durable cabinet than this one!

there was a delay

I am supposed to give this makeup mirror with lights for the desk as a birthday gift, but it arrived late. Good thing that it's really beautiful and made my friend's day!

What a great buy!

This locker is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The jewelry cabinet will be perfect for storing all of your pieces in one spot, so you'll never have trouble finding what goes where again.

I'm in love

This is the perfect makeup mirror for anyone who likes to put on their beauty products and get ready in a timely manner. It's not too bright or overpowering, so it won't blind you when using this at night, so get ready in a timely manner. It's not too bright or overpowering, so it won't blind you when using this at night! Plus, there are different lighting modes that will match any skin tone quite well. I love how sleek-looking these mirrors usually tend to be because they're really easy on my eyes as well; they reflect beautifully without giving off an eerie glow like some other versions do (which isnt always desirable). The stand itself has been very durable over years of use.

Design is great

This vanity mirror has a fantastic design that will give you a perfect view every time.?

Perfect for me

My wife is totally thrilled with her new vanity mirror. She can't stop telling me how much she loves it!

Very pretty!

I was so excited to see myself in this vanity mirror!

So happy I got this

The large LED mirror is breathtaking. It has different light settings, and they're dimmable too, which means you can make the room as dark or bright as desired! The touch screen controls are very convenient.

The Best!

When I first saw the mirror, it was much larger than I had anticipated.But once installed on my vanity and turned off, the size seemed perfect! The 3 settings for light are also very nice bonuses to this product too. I love rose gold because it's less flashy, so you don't have as many distractions in your room when using them at night or just wanting some alone reflection time with yourself.

Love the mirror

The vanity mirror is a little wobbly, but I still love it. It's so beautiful and a great addition to my vanity desk.