This Makeup Mirror Will Help You Contour Your Makeup Like J. Lo

Jennifer Lopez teaches us how to contour her face using makeup

Photo credits: dvsross GLAAD 2014 - Jennifer Lopez - Casper-24 | 25th Annual GLAAD … | Flickr (Cropped)

Jennifer Lopez is a beauty icon for a reason. She always looks flawless, and her makeup is always on point. In a recent video for Vogue, J.Lo shared her face makeup secrets, including her signature "lightbulb" contour technique.

The key to J.Lo's "lightbulb" contour technique is to use the right Hollywood mirror. A good makeup mirror will help you to see your face in all its angles, so you can apply your contour evenly and accurately.

Here are the steps on how to use a Hollywood mirror to contour your makeup like J.Lo:

1. Start by applying a glow-enhancing primer to your face.This will help to create a base for your makeup that will give you a natural-looking glow.

    Woman applying primer to face using a LUXFURNI Hollywood Mirror

    2. Apply concealer under your eyes, around your nose, and on your chin.This will help to brighten up your face and create a more even complexion.

      Woman applying concealer under her eyes using a LUXFURNI Hollywood Mirror

      3. Use a contour shade to create dimension in your face.Be sure to apply the contour shade in a way that creates the illusion of a lifted face.

        Woman applying contour shade on her face using a LUXFURNI vanity mirror

        4. Use a highlighter to add a touch of brightness to your face.This will help to create a more radiant look.

          Beautiful lady applying a highlighter in front of a LUXFURNI lighted makeup mirror

          5. Apply a pop of color on your lips and cheeks. This will help to complete your look and add a touch of personality.

            Pretty lady applying lipstick color to her lips in front of a LUXFURNI Lighted makeup mirror

            Hollywood Mirrors are perfect for achieving J.Lo's signature "lightbulb" contour look. These makeup mirrors allow you to see your face from all angles, so you can precisely apply your makeup. Professional vanity mirrors have strategically positioned LED lights with various light settings, so you can adjust the lighting to match the time of day or the type of makeup you are applying.

            In addition to being great for contouring, Hollywood Mirrors are also great for applying makeup in general. The mirror's bright, even lighting will help you to see every detail of your face, so you can apply your makeup with precision. Other vanity mirrors come with tilt adjustments which is perfect for applying makeup for those difficult to see angles.

            Here are some additional tips for using a Hollywood mirror to contour your makeup:

            • Use a light hand when applying contour. You can always add more, but it's harder to take away.

            • Blend, blend, blend! Contouring should be subtle, so be sure to blend your products well.

            • Use a contour brush that is specifically designed for contouring. This will help you to apply your product evenly and precisely.

            • Experiment with different contour shades until you find the right one for your skin tone.

            • Don't forget to highlight! Highlighting will help to create the illusion of a lifted face.

            With a little practice, you'll be contouring like J.Lo in no time!

            Here are some additional benefits of using a Hollywood mirror:

            • It can help you to see your face in all its angles. This is important for applying makeup evenly and accurately.

            • It can help you to choose the right makeup shades for your skin tone.

            • It can help you to create a more flattering makeup look.

            • It can help you to save time when applying makeup.

            • It can help you to enjoy the makeup application process more.

            If you want to improve your makeup application skills, then a Hollywood mirror is a great investment. It is a tool that can help you to achieve your dream makeup look every time.