5 Chic Ways to Save Space in Your Bedroom with a Jewelry Organizer

5 Chic Ways to Save Space in Your Bedroom with a Jewelry Organizer

When it comes to organization, the bedroom can be one of the most challenging rooms to keep tidy. Necklaces, earrings, rings, and even bracelets albeit small can take up so much space. Jewelry boxes, jewelry trays, and pouches are all great storage ideas to house your jewelry collection but would it be better to simply manage just one? Having all these jewelry box organizers are nice but that is not the goal. Organizing everything in one place is. If this sounds like you then you might want to look at some jewelry organizers with specialized necklace hooks and earring organizers. Some jewelry organizers even have elegant jewelry pouches that help you showcase your precious jewels without taking them out. Some jewelry organizers like LUXFURNI even have travel jewelry cases for travel jewelry. Whatever type of jewelry organizer you choose, make sure that it provides you with easy access to your jewelry collection.

Having a jewelry organizer is simply not about organizing. It is all about convenience. Organizing your precious jewels is just one thing. It is simply more than that. A jewelry organizer can help you save space and get your wardrobe under control. There are dozens of ways to organize your precious jewels while saving space and keeping them protected. But first, you need to have the right tools for the job.

Here are five chic ways to save space in your bedroom with a jewelry organizer:

Functional wall accents

Hang it over the door

Organizing your jewelry collection is a smart way to free up some space while getting decluttered. Choosing the right storage for your accessories is key to ending that clutter. But what if you literally don't have any space at all?

Jewelry organizers come in many styles and shapes. But for those who do not have any space at all, (thank God for doors!) there is always the space behind your door. LUXFURNI jewelry organizers come with over-the-door options that allow you to hang them over your door. it also comes with height adjustments and cushion pads to make sure that it is stable and secure. It also comes packing with all the amenities that a premium jewelry organizer has.

The LUXFURNI Stella 8 jewelry organizer comes with wall-mount and door hang options that is sure to help you organize your jewelry collection and so much more.

Use your jewelry organizer as your bedside table

We know what you are thinking and we thought about this question. Having a floor-standing jewelry organizer can take up a square foot in your bedroom and this can mean a lot. We consulted some professional organizers and they highly recommend replacing your bedside table. Weird? Think about getting up in the morning and seeing everything you need for your daily grind right beside you. Need we say more?

The LUXFURNI Stella 6 is a floor-standing jewelry organizer with ring holders and specialized necklace hooks.

Use it as a vanity tray for cosmetics and everything in between

Don't dish out your jewelry boxes and jewelry trays just yet because the best part is still yet to come. We all love jewelry trays and boxes for the easy access it provides. Tossing your accessories at the end of an exhausting day could just be the right thing to do. LUXFURN jewelry organizers are lined with soft velvet interiors for this reason. It keeps your jewels protected from the tossing and friction that comes with storage. Choosing a jewelry organizer with a jewelry pouch makes organizing so easy.

The LUXFURNI Joyce 3 compact jewelry organizer comes with 6 transparent jewelry pouches stores all your fine pieces elegantly.

Utilize those little bedroom corners

Don't just hop on to the shop just yet because we are giving you one more good reason why jewelry organizers are the ultimate space-saving furniture in the market. Shopping for a jewelry organizer can be quite tricky with all the big brands out there. Knowing where to put it makes the search for the perfect one so easy.

Turning that sad bedroom corner of yours into a vanity cocoon makes a lot of sense. Bedroom corners are the least used parts of every bedroom according to lifestyle editor, Lisa Meyer. Most folks opt to use it as a storage unit for things they rarely use. yes, take a look around you and tell us that we are right. Utilize this as your own private space for doing your makeup. Jewelry organizers can also be used as your own vanity area as it comes complete with ultra-HD glass mirror and LED lights.

You might be thinking "I can't imagine how a jewelry organizer could save space in my bedroom." Trust us, it's way more than just hanging up your necklaces. We've compiled five different ways to use one of these organizers for storage so you never have any excuse not to get Which of the following tips are you most excited about trying?