“Stella makes things happen. She can quickly pull together the right ideas to achieve the project objective. She understands ladies and their needs. That’s why her jewelry organizers are so adorable”

Brigette Costanza, Makeup Artist 

“We worked with Luxfurni on high-end design Jewelry organizer projects and on Hollywood mirror concept development. Even years later, I still remember the pieces we created with Stella and am proud of Luxfurni team. I appreciate Stella’s good taste and her positive, focused demeanor. I’d recommend Luxfurni.”

Diana Fraimow, Interior designer

“As creative partners on several makeup projects, I was impressed with her ability to consider – and balance – strategic issues, creative concepts, and practical considerations. It was also impressive to watch her (over a period of several months) shepherd a very important and complex launch on the internet and shifts in direction. These “big picture” skills are matched by a keen eye and a real attention to detail.”

Julia Waters, a writer/actress

“Luxfurni’s design abilities are truly impressive, and they attend to every detail, no matter how minute it may be. The team has won many awards, and simply taking a look at their work makes it easy to see why. Stella is also a great mentor to the young designers we have on staff. She is patient, yet firm, when need be, and always goes the extra mile to make sure needs, are answered”

Shelia Klein, a Flim Director

“Luxfurni astonishes me each time I work with them. Their designs for both Jewelry and Makeup storage make us want to stare. Cabinets that organizes the client’s treasures are also pieces of art. Designs that are mesmerizing, the function that is a step above. Just have a gander at Luxfurni’s package and you’ll be just as impressed as I am here.”

Sharon Green, Fashion Model

“Stella is conceptually creative and strategically-minded and also has the skill and experience to take a concept and execute it with a craftsman’s attention to detail. I am so happy for Luxfurni’s move to online sales because more will become creators of their fabulous lifestyles”

Marc O’Neal, a Painter

“Stella is an extremely creative beauty expert with a great sense of design and style. Her understanding of jewelry storage and the power of simplicity were very effective in creating the mood for my room. Her thorough attention to detail made Jewelry cabinet and mirror armoire essential furniture in every lady’s room.”

Gene Durham, photographer

“Stella was the Creative Director on the same account where I acted as the Account Executive. I have yet to work on an account where I am more proud of the creative quality of the print and digital work – which Stella came up with and designed. Still to this day when I walk by the boards, I am taken aback by the beauty of the work.”

Laurie Sullivan, Account Executive, worked directly with Stella at Luxfurni

“Stella is such a talented Creative Director who I really enjoyed working under at Beauty Agency. One of my favorite things about Stella is her consistently thoughtful feedback on the design. Stella truly is a wealth of knowledge in beauty ideas and has a positive upbeat attitude for anything that comes her way. I consider Stella one of my biggest mentors.”

Meredith Harrell, Graphic Designer, The Beauty Agency, reported to Stella at The Beauty Agency

“Stella Karen was one of the most creative art directors I ever employed during my 30-plus years as director of beauty shops. She has an amazing ability to “stay fresh” with her designs as well as reduce her ideas into an actual creative product. I can recommend, without reservation, the service and products of Luxfurni. They will create a memorable design that reflects the best of your characteristic.”

Bill GiannulliDirector of Communications, managed Stella at BSNN
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