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Top 15 accessory style tips you didn’t know about.


Luxfurni jewelry cabinet organizer tips in choosing the right jewelry

How do you choose the best jewelry for yourself? How do you mix jewelry styles in order not to be boring? Well, here at the Luxfurni Lifestyle Studios, we have come up with the best ways to answer your questions.

You have stylish jewelry pieces in your collection yet you don’t even know where to start or what to wear. You feel suddenly lost and don’t know what to do.

Perhaps, you just don’t feel confident enough to wear any of them or you feel uncertain about buying some pieces. Whatever your reason is, it’s alright. No need to worry. WE have come up with some steps to help you out.

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Luxfurni best jewelry organizer suggest in creating jewelry layers

Tryout out different colors and textures to achieve a layered effect of rings and necklaces and bangles.

If you are layering necklaces, go for different lengths. Try to explore other shapes, colors and textures. For bangles and bracelets, there are less rules as you can pretty much create your own style of different pieces which will flash as you move. Rings, just like bangles can be stacked, mixed and matched in all sorts of stylish combinations.

You might want to use more than one earring style or try out wearing an ear cuff together with your earrings for something out of the ordinary.

It's very simple: make a note of all the combinations that you tried on and mark the best just to make sure that you remember. Gather all your pieces together and try the one by one and all together to see what really works best for you.

Repeat the same process with your bangles and rings.



Luxfurni best jewelry organizer recommends when to stop adding more jewelry accessories

Earrings are enough, sometimes.

If you plan to attract attention to your face and neckline with a set of layered necklaces or some bold statement earrings, then perhaps just stick to that. Avoid wearing additional stacks of bangles or bracelets as it will be too much

If you plan to wear a bold pair of statement earrings, then you might want to go for something fine and delicate on your neckline or just a few rings on your fingers. Trust us at Luxfurni Lifestyle Studios, we worked hard to know more about this stuff.

Luxfurni best jewelry organizer tips in choosing the right jewelry

Bold goes well with bold once you go all out with it.



Do you forget about your earrings most of the time?

Just so you know, your earrings are oftentimes within range or eye-level for anyone who is talking to you. Your goal is to choose earrings that frame your face and complement your eye, hair color and most of all your skin tone.

Luxfurni best jewelry organizer tips on earrings

Luxfurni Lifestyle Studios suggests: If you have long hair and you feel like wearing some statement earrings with your hair down, choose a metallic finish because of its visibility.


I can be so guilty of this. I can sometimes go on wearing just the same earrings for days or weeks.

Remember to change up your earrings once in a while. It is a great way to add some dash of style to your everyday look. It is also a good opportunity to give your earrings a good clean and some rest.

If you don’t want to call attention when switching to a different style, do it subtly by wearing a variety of small stud earrings day today. If you are feeling adventurous and confident, you can start by wearing some dangle earrings. This is a great way to add some sparkle in your usual outfit.

A great way to start this habit is to check through your jewelry box or jewelry cabinet. Find out what you haven’t worn for a while If you cannot find them, try purchasing a new pair of earrings which will add some variety to your collection.

Luxfurni best jewelry organizer advice in purchasing new pair of earrings



Luxfurni best jewelry organizer tricks in mixing metals

It was once an awful fashion sin to mix gold with silver jewelry.

Nowadays, it is no longer the case. There is no need to group metals together and use them one at a time just like in the old days. So think about gold pendant and silver chains. Stacked rings and bangles in different colors that add a whimsical vibe in your outfit.



I have said this to myself so many times but it doesn’t always happen.

Before putting on your favorite top and the usual pair of earrings, think of what accessory you really want to wear.

You might want to wear something similar to something you saw on film the other day and you happen to have something similar or you might want to try out wearing a bold statement pair of earrings, in which case you need to choose your outfit for that specific accessory to work. We don’t want to be choosing the outfit first then the jewelry pieces in this situation. Of course, either way works and if you have spent some time getting this right, I’m sure you should look stylish and well put together.



When you plan your outfit for a special occasion, make sure to define your focal point.

Any simple outfit once accessorized can turn into something special. That is the truth. You can either choose to wear a pair of statement earrings over a simple boat neck top or go bold with your outfit and go easy on your accessories. Whatever game you choose, always accessorize

It is also good to go bold with your outfit and be bolder with your statement pieces, sometimes. Luxfurni Lifestyle Studios suggests to simply make a decision as to what will work for you and go all out with it.



Luxfurni best jewelry organizer insights about choosing one focal point

Where do you want people to be gazing at?

If you intend to wear some eye-catching jewelry, then it usually best to center on one focal point or body area like the ears or the neck or your hands. 

A good example is if you are wearing a pair of bold statement earrings, then go for subtle rings and necklaces or even not at all is fine.



Luxfurni best jewelry organizer advice on experimenting jewelry accessories

If you are serious about making a change in your wardrobe, try and experiment with some accessories. This can be a fun thing to do especially if you have a jewelry mirrored cabinet.

Try putting on a plain classic outfit like a black dress if you have one after which wear all your accessories from earrings to necklaces to bangles. If you have a jewelry cabinet mirror around, this experiment would be perfect since it allows you to showcase all your jewelry. Choose and add different accessories like scarves watches and brooches without the hassle. Try on different combinations and focus points too and choose what’s best.

You will marvel at what you can come up with to vary your look using your accessories. Once you are done with an outfit you like, try on the others and see what other options you have and begin once more.

 If you don’t have various types of jewelry in your collection, consider purchasing new ones that will allow you to add depth in your wardrobe. Choose jewelry pieces that you can wear with multiple outfits from casual to formal wear. You are able to maximize the value of your jewelry this way.

Now you have an excuse to go shopping.



Luxfurni best jewelry organizer takeout on trends are not for everyone

In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic. - Iman

We all have a friend who is crazy about fashion. They literally splurge on anything about fashion and scrimp on food and other necessities. Well, trends are not for everyone. Here at the LUXFURNI Lifestyle Studios, we suggest that you go with what works best for you.

Trends influence us to a certain extent but if you find yourself lost in translation with it then maybe it's about time you choose what works for you and suit up. Never allow trends to affect your own taste and personality. To begin with, it should only enhance what you have and not define you with it.

The best way to get ahead of this is to figure out and asses your own personal taste and style and enhance it. Determine what makes you feel confident and special when you put in on and own it.

The same goes for your accessories. Choose what works best for you in terms of your skin color and tone, facial structure and style. Take all of these into consideration when trying to look your best. It’s the best way.

Personality is everything so don’t forget it when you put on your accessories and outfit together. Having said all these, whatever you wear should only complement your personality and not change it otherwise, it will not work to start with.



Luxfurni best jewelry organizer suggestion on choosing rings with panache

Rings and jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts. The only true gift is a portion of thyself.

——Ralph Waldo Emerson

Stacked rings can draw a lot of attention and versatility to your outfit and at the same time with great panache. This type of accessory allows you to go with either two simple stacks or go with just a major one. It also allows you to recreate your look different each day.  

Pair your rings with different colors and textures or simply go all out with gemstones.

If you want to wear a multitude of rings, then limit yourself to just one cocktail rings on each hand and match it with the same metal rings. Don’t follow what you have on your other hand by wearing the same number of rings. Simply put, wear an odd number of rings on each hand

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Wear what makes you happy.



Unless it’s for religious or sentimental reasons, flaunt your necklace or pendant. It should be visible and complementary to your outfit.

A long necklace will work wonders for a boat neck top or a loose-fitting one. A long necklace will streamline the form of your outfit. Another great example would be a V-necked outfit with a pendant necklace just falling above the V-zone of your top. This will add some cleavage to your chest area.

Luxfurni best jewelry organizer in defining neckline with a necklace



No, if you are wearing a bold pair of statement earrings since the rule is to choose one focal point. We don’t want you to be looking over-stuffed with gems like a Christmas tree. Wear a bold necklace with your V-necked dress. In this case, go easy on your earrings. However, you choose to present yourself, going bare without a necklace is perfectly alright especially if you are wearing a low cut or a high cut dress, a good set of rings or bangles is just perfect.


Luxfurni best jewelry organizer tips and tricks about personal pieces if they do fit

Do you have sentimental pieces of jewelry?

We all have one at least at one point but have you ever thought of how they fit in your wardrobe?

We all have our own principles in life but perhaps you can set aside that engagement ring for a cocktail ring to match your evening dress. We know how much you value these pieces and we are not about to tell you not to. Adding your engagement ring to your stacked ring pieces is a great way to start if you are not comfortable with letting it go for a while.

If you wear a scapular necklace according to your religious beliefs, then perhaps you can try layering them on with other necklaces. This is where you own personal style comes into play.



Luxfurni best jewelry mirror organizer

At the LUXFURNI Lifestyle Studios, we have thought about you and your accessories.

So all you have to do is just to put them on. 

After all these, you might want to get yourself a good jewelry organizer. For instance, how would you determine if your outfit and accessories go well together if you don’t even have a standard size mirror? Showcase them and put them in order then take your time out trying them on until you achieve that perfect look.

The Luxfurni Stella 6 series, as seen in the photo above, is made with superior craftsmanship. This standing jewelry armoire’s contemporary design has a everything you have thought of like LED lights, ring slots, bracelet bars and more. Of course, each piece comes with a lock and key so everything is safe.

A jewelry and makeup cabinet mirror should a part of every woman’s wardrobe today.

Dressing up should be fun and it should be personal to you. Stack your rings and wear those bangles. Layer your necklaces or try something new. Maybe put a scarf on but however, you wish to dress up, make sure it represents you and your sense of style. Your style is about who you really are and not how others want you to be. -  LUXFURNI



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