Top 3 Mirror Jewelry Cabinets would appear in your bedroom this year


As the saying goes, “Tell me what is inside your bedroom and I will tell you who are you are.” Women spend so much time organizing their bedrooms from jewelry trays that make them want to hang out in the vanity area all day to drawers that compartmentalize everything. All these can make our lives pretty interesting to a certain extent. Project deadlines, late-night shifts and a hellish work week can totally make us forget how organized we are. Applying makeup and trying on a couple pair of earrings before the rush hour starts can really make a mess, especially when all you want to do is sleep when you get home from work.

Mirror jewelry cabinets got all the buzz last 2020 and it seems there is no stopping them this 2021. Organizing pieces of jewelry and makeup in one place has become the new trend this 2021. We asked some industry experts (women, of course) on what mirror jewelry cabinets are worth investing on and so here it is.

Stella 6 Stand Jewelry Cabinet Full-Length Mirror With Interior LED
The LUXFURNI Stella 6 Floor Standing Mirror Jewelry Cabinet. Approximately $169.90

Women love jewelry cabinets that showcase everything

You don’t wear what you don’t see and that is a fact. Choose a jewelry armoire that highlights your precious pieces for all its glory. The LUXFURNI Stella 6 Stand Jewelry Cabinet Full-Length Mirror With Interior LED simply does that. Imagine organizing your cocktail rings and statement earrings with plush black velvet interiors. Avoid unwanted oxidation with its anti-tarnish material. Avoid necklace tangles with 24 hooks dedicated hooks and 12 bracelet hooks. Store fine jewelry in its 4 acrylic storage drawers and move it anywhere you want with its award-winning balanced foot design. Oh, and just when you thought you have heard it all, open the door and you will find 79 LED lights that lets you apply makeup on its HD interior cosmetic mirror. This is women’s top choice for mirror jewelry cabinets.

The Brand New Victorial jewelry cabinet
The LUXFURNI Victoria Pink Hanging Mirror Jewelry Cabinet. Price TBA

A new classic leather jewelry cabinet

If you are wondering how to organize in style and get noticed for doing that then this is it! Faux leather, rose gold accents and glass crystal knobs are what jewelry organizer dreams are made of. The LUXURNI Victoria Hanging Mirror Jewelry Cabinet is the first and only one in its class. Modern design elements with sustainable FAUX leather and contrast stitching make this hanging jewelry armoire a head turner. Revolutionary frame design assures you an abundance of space for all types of jewelry. Organize your pieces of jewelry with 96 Earring slots, 12 necklace hooks, 98 ring slots, and 2 bangle knobs. Throw in your cosmetics and arrange them in its 3 level display rack. See your face up close and apply makeup with a high contrast interior cosmetic mirror. Women love this ultra-chic hanging mirror jewelry cabinet for its very unique and modern design. A top winner for those looking to be different.

The joyce 6 Jewelry Organizer Free Standing Led Light Bar Around Mirror Armoire With Brush Holder
The LUXFURNI Joyce 6X Floor Standing Mirror Jewelry Cabinet with LED Strip Lights. Approximately $169.90

A mirror jewelry cabinet for your makeup and more

Lipsticks, brushes and other cosmetics can certainly leave a mess if we don’t organize them. Looking for that specific lipstick color when you are all set to go can be very stressful. Choose a jewelry cabinet specifically tailored to your needs like the LUXFURNI Joyce 6x Jewelry Organizer Free Standing Led Light Bar Around Mirror Armoire With Brush Holder. Enhance your makeup experience with premium shadow-free lighting. Organize your makeup brushes with dedicated holders. Make your pieces of jewelry last with an anti-tarnish velvet material. This is on top of every woman’s list who loves makeup.

So that rounds up the top 3 mirror jewelry cabinets you will find in every woman’s bedroom this 2021. How about you? What is the best jewelry cabinet for you? Let us know on the comments section below and we will make more content about that.

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