LUXFURNI’s 3 Tips on how to choose the perfect gift this Christmas of 2020


For most of us out there, giving someone a gift especially during Christmas is an act of gratitude for simply being who they are towards us for the entire year. It says a thousand words even if we do not put it in writing. Gift-giving is customary all over the world- at least in this planet we live in. Choosing the perfect gift that will merit the hearts of those people whom we hold dearly special can be daunting.

If you think you have been lucky for the whole year of 2020 because of the support your friends and family around you, then it is about time to make them feel appreciated. LUXFURNI came up 3 tips on how to choose the perfect gift this Christmas.

Tip #1 Don’t buy people what they need, but buy them gifts they won’t buy for themselves.

LUXFURNI Starry 7 XL Large Framless Makeup Mirror with LED lights for Chirstmas

Most of us have that friend whom we can count on, especially after a bad break up or when we simply need a makeover to change our mood. She is always there for you no matter what and no matter how busy she is; she comes running whenever you are calling.

It’s time for you to return back the favor and in this case, do it right. For all the times she forgot to take care of herself for looking after miserable you, she deserves a treat. So give her a gift she won’t spend a penny on. The LUXFURNI Starry 7 XL Large Framless Makeup Mirror with LED lights is the perfect gift for that ever-dependable friend of yours. (She can be your mother or your sister or even perhaps, your partner or girlfriend) The name XL literally translates to huge in size. It is the biggest makeup mirror with lights from LUXFURNI. Think about all the times she was there for you sobbing and crying your heart out. 18 LED lights with a 90+CRI rating is enough to make her feel like a queen. Give her the exact same treatment she gave you with the smart-touch brightness controls and full spectrum color temperature options. Now she can apply makeup whether it is for a night out or just goofing around the beach. She also gets 4 color temperatures to choose from. And to top it all off, make sure her makeup is on point with a bonus 3x magnification mirror. Now she can have all the makeover she wants right in her own bedroom with the LUXFURNI Starry 7 XL Large Framless Makeup Mirror with LED lights.

Learn more about The LUXFURNI Starry 7 XL Large Framless Makeup Mirror with LED lights

Tip #2: For those who have everything, consider giving them experiences.

LUXFURNI Stella 6 Stand Jewelry Cabinet Full-Length MIrror With Interior LED with 79 ring slot

Experiences are things you can never have enough of, especially when it leaves a positive note in our lives. For some of us, it is spelunking in Maldives or cliff-diving somewhere in the South of France but for someone who has everything, it can be totally different.

LUXFURNI Stella 6 Stand Jewelry Cabinet Full-Length MIrror With Interior LED with easy prouch travel

If you are thinking how to choose the perfect gift for your friend who has everything, then worry no more. The LUXFURNI Stella 6 Stand Jewelry Cabinet Full-Length MIrror With Interior LED is the perfect gift for her. But it doesn’t end there. Surprise her with a special bedroom makeover. Help her organize her pieces of jewelry, accessories and cosmetics. Organize them in one place and see how her face lights up every time she opens this ultra-chic jewelry cabinet from LUXFURNI. The LUXFURNI Stella 6 Stand Jewelry Cabinet Full-Length MIrror With Interior LED has great storage capacity for all her precious investments. Just imagine 130 earrings slots, 24 necklace hooks, 12 bracelets hooks, 4 storage drawers for her fine jewelry. As if that wasn’t enough, the LUXFURNI Stella 6 even has a small vanity mirror with LED lights inside for an up close makeup application. Help her organize her makeup and cosmetics with 4 cosmetic shelves and a stain-free cosmetic organizer. This is probably the sweetest and most memorable Christmas gift experience your friend will ever have. Trust us.

Learn more about The LUXFURNI Stella 6 Stand Jewelry Cabinet Full-Length MIrror With Interior LED

Tip #3: Packaging is everything, especially during the Holidays.

Chirstmas package

Nothing beats the thrill of receiving a gift in a nicely wrapped gift-box. The thrill of thinking what’s inside the box or just the thought of knowing that the person giving it to you took the time out to make sure it is elegantly wrapped.

Ordering a LUXFURNI jewelry cabinet or makeup mirror with lights certainly has its advantages because it always comes in its classic colored signature gift-box. Plus, shipping is absolutely FREE. If you want to make a statement, you can choose to have it delivered to your house and bring it to your special someone. Don’t worry! It does come with an easy to carry handle so you can still look your best once you hit the doorbell. If carrying stuff is actually not your thing, then just order it and have it delivered straight. No need to gift wrap. It is a special glossy carton box in teal color with the LUXFURNI brand name written all over it. Classy, isn’t it?

Now if that is your thing then so what are you waiting for? Visit []( and you might just save another 10% percent on the actual price if you are a first-time customer.

So this rounds up LUXFURNI’s tips on how to choose the perfect Christmas gift. See you again.

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